A Modern Thanksgiving on The Chew with Andre Braugher

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Today ABC's "The Chew" is dishing with actor Andre Braugher of Last Resort and presenting a modern take on a classic Thanksgiving recipe.

Andre Braugher of the new hit ABC show, "Last Resort" returns to "The Chew" today to dish with the crew. He visited with Daphne in September and is coming back to the hottest kitchen on television for more. The crew will also offer a modern take on a classic Thanksgiving recipe.

Andre Braugher on "The Chew"

At the beginning of the fall television season, ABC's "The Chew" offered an overview of the upcoming hit prime time shows on the network. They met with stars from "Last Resort," "666 Park Avenue" and more. Daphne Oz talked to actor Andre Braugher about the show. Today Andre returns to spend more time with the crew. It is always fun to see what celebrities will cook up in this famous kitchen.

Andre currently plays the lead character, Capt. Marcus Chaplin, in "Last Resort." This military drama has already taken the nation by storm. Andre also has a recurring role on "Law and Order SVU." He plays defense attorney Bayard Ellis. Andre is well-known for bringing several other roles to life. He was Thomas Searles in the movie "Glory" and appeared a Frank Pembleton on "Homcide: Life on the Street" in the 1990s as well as the made-for-television film in 2000. Andre always appeared on the TNT show, "Men of a Certain Age" as Owen Thoreau Jr.

The Chicago native is also well-educated. Andre has a B.A. in theater from Stanford University. He also graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the Juilliard School's Drama Division and was acknowledged at graduation as the Most Outstanding Theater Student. Besides all of his career accomplishments, Andre is also a family man. In 1991, Andre tied the knot with actress Ami Brabson. Later Ami appeared on "Homicide" as Mary, Pembleton's wife. The couple have three sons and live in New Jersey. He is sure to have a few Thanksgiving ideas and recipes of his own to share on "The Chew."

A Modern Take on Classic Thanksgiving Specialties

Every year, people look for the same classic Thanksgiving foods. For the past week and a half, "The Chew" has presented an array of mouthwatering Thanksgiving foods. It is a season of preparations and everyday fans get better prepared to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal . Viewers discovered some tasty stuffing recipes during the Battle of the Iron Grandma with Mama T, Daisy and Antoinette. The crew has offered sensational suggestions about everything from turkey to vegetables. Billy Ray Cyrus and the Zac Brown Band even showed up at the show to offer a bit of southern comfort.

The familiar foods people eat on Thanksgiving become part of their memories about family and friends. Sometimes the same recipes get boring and predictable. Guests notice when the cook mixes it up a bit. Today "The Chew" will makes it easier to do that be offering a modern take on some of those classic Thanksgiving recipes. It is a way to add excitement to the meal and give everyone something to talk about.

Their makeover of a classic dish is sure to perk up your Thanksgiving meal. Fans are also looking for some of those irresistible cocktail recipes from the chew. One Facebook fan commented, " Clinton is awesome! Give him a drink...and who knows what hes gonna say." Often that applies to many of the guests gathered around the Thanksgiving Day table. HULIQ will return with more later.

Also, fans are reminded on the show's Facebook page to listen for the secret ingredient today and enter it here for an opportunity to win a year of free groceries. Fans also have another opportunity to win fun prizes daily. All you need to do is tweet #ChewEveryday.

ABC's "The Chew" airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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