Money for Munchies and Rental Woes on 2 Broke Girls

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This week on CBS' 2 Broke Girls Max and Caroline are trying to pay the rent for the shop and come up with an unconventional cupcake idea to try to raise enough cash.

Now that CBS' "2 Broke Girls" have their own cupcake shop, they have to work hard to keep it. Tonight the dynamic duo is tempted to turn an unconventional cupcake situation into a cash cow during the holidays. They try to duck the landlord about the rent then find out they have ways to face the situation.

Last Week on “2 Broke Girls”

Last week on CBS' “2 Broke Girls,” the dynamic duo finally opened their cupcake shop. They expected hoards of customers but soon learned it would be serious work to attract business. In the second episode, Sophie lost her dream house in Poland because of a dishonest contractor. She winds up joining the girls in their dream as she attempts to serve pickled eggs and hoagies at the cupcake shop. While these suggestions don't get accepted by the girls, they do wind up dressing like cupcakes and giving out free samples to attract business at Sophie's suggestion. They are concerned about how to pay the rent since almost all the money Sophie gave them is already gone.

Money for Munchies on “2 Broke Girls”

Andy questions whether the girls have been able to cover the rent. Max wants Caroline to tell Andy the truth about their doubts about paying the rent. Caroline is still optimistic because they have two more parties before Christmas. The boss enters the diner wearing reindeer antlers and Max compares him to a Korean coat rack. He calls Max a Grinch who is working for minimum wage. Then Max mentions some mysterious friends who want cupcakes and Caroline gets curious enough to follow her.

Caroline winds up meeting Max at a seedy building. Max says she has been meeting a marijuana dealer to sell cupcakes to her friends with the munches later in the night. The girls get paid $100 to sell some cupcakes to a room full of people who are stoned. SWAT police arrive at the apartment next door and Caroline gets spooked. She decides they are done with selling cupcakes in a risky place like this.

Ducking the Landlord

A women suffering after her cat dies comes into the cupcake shop to buy a dozen cupcakes. Her purchase gives the girls hope they might raise the money until the party they booked cancels due to lack of funds. Han from the diner also shows up and Max starts pushing cupcakes on him. He questions why she doesn't push the food at the diner this much. Caroline considers asking Andy to borrow the money but then decides it is not a hot idea.

The girls spot the landlord coming and decide to turn off the lights and hide. The landlord enters and they duck out a window. Their boss from the diner is left standing there. Han pretends he doesn't speak English when the landlord questions him.

Creative Cupcakes to Pay the Rent

Max says she is going to make more cupcake runs to her dealer friend and winds up with bag of marijuana as a Christmas present. Caroline wants her to get rid of the fat sack of pot. Max winds up spilling it in melted butter and decides it would be lucrative to make marijuana cupcakes. She makes Caroline taste one and she feels they are really good. Caroline wants to try to sell them for $15 apiece.

Someone is knocking at the door and it turns out to be Sophie. She has her monthly visitor with killer cramps. She smells the “Maui wowie” and feasts on a cupcake to get rid of the cramps. Max deems her to be the new product spokesperson. Max brings the cupcakes to a friend's house with Caroline, who is now despondent and indifferent. Max questions why Caroline is acting so sad when she is usually extremely perky. It seems the cupcake had a serious impact on Caroline's personality.

Where's the Money?

Andy turns up at the place with a pizza and Caroline runs down the fire escape. She finally call Max to pick her up from an iHop at 4:00 a.m. Andy asked if she needed help with the rent and she admitted she was reluctant to accept it He gives her a check and says his success means nothing if he can't share it with her. Caroline says she can't take it and tucks the check back in his pants.

Max can't believe she would not take the money from Andy. Max decides to decorate for Christmas then Han, Earl and Oleg from the diner show up at the shop. In her cupcake stupor, Caroline had called all of them last night to complain they could not cover the rent. They put together an early Christmas gift to the girls to help them pay the rent. The boss said to take it because they are family and Caroline accepts the money with a hug. Max shares the marijuana cupcakes with the men, who do not know they are spiked. The men are all laughing at the end while the girls decorate and feel optimistic again about the future.

TAKE HOME MOMENT: Family turns up in surprising places and they are often the people who surround you all the time. It makes a difference to be honest and try to do the right thing despite some tempting detours along the way. Working together and being generous is the best way to find happiness and success.

CBS' “2 Broke Girls” airs on Monday evenings at 9:00 p.m. ET

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