More Homeowners Want Comfortable Outdoor Living and Dining Spaces

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Recent research revealed more homeowners are creating comfortable outdoor living and dining spaces to encourage affordable entertainment at home.

Over 85 percent of Americans are renovating their homes to find ways to spend more time outdoors. Research shows they are investing in outdoor living spaces and dining areas where they can go to relax and entertain guests. From patios to outdoor dining rooms, Americans are extending their living spaces to eat and kick back outdoors.

Entertaining at Home is Affordable

The current economy means people are living in smaller homes. They also want to invite friends and family to dinner rather than spending money to go out. As a result, homeowners are looking to extend their living space to the great outdoors. This includes decks, patios and outdoor kitchens as well as living rooms and dining rooms with cozy furniture.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported research conducted by Professional Building magazine along with the American Institute of Architects shows the desire to create outdoor living spaces has increased by over 55 percent. In 2011, it was one of the most requested items by home buyers. Studies reveal nearly 90 percent of Americans renovate their homes to spend time outdoors. They are investing in posh dining room furniture and outdoor couches were people can unwind in the fresh air. Others are buying specialty items such as pizza ovens, outdoor bars and fireplaces. These specialized spaces make it a breeze to whip up tasty cocktails with pizza then make S'mores around a fire. The key is to create a welcoming sitting area where people can barbecue, dine and chat. A market research report from ReportsnReports shows the demand for outdoor living products has anticipated growth of 6.9 percent through 2017.

Designing Outdoor Living Spaces

A growing number of homeowners are investing in materials to build their own decks and patios. Others are hiring contractors to get the job done. The increasing popularity of networks such as HGTV shows people are looking to create their own luxurious getaway right in their own backyards. The recent HGTV Dream Home and HGTV Smart Home featured fabulous outdoor living spaces. An outdoor dining area and living area is considered one of the most desirable features to current home buyers.

One homeowners have a flat surface, they can get creative. Much like decorating indoor spaces, the furniture is one of the most important features of an outdoor living space. From classic to contemporary, there are an array of styles to choose from. Outdoor furniture companies are expanding their offerings to meet the rising demand. Outdoor sofas and chairs are a place to sip cocktails, nibble on grilled cuisine and read a glossy magazine. Some people are also adding tables where they can work on their laptops outdoors. It is the ultimate mobile office without the constraints of four walls. From business to pleasure, people are doing more outdoors. Apartment dwellers are making the most of balcony spaces by adding chairs, tables and outdoor furnishings.

An outdoor oasis always includes an area where people can cook and eat. Barbecuing can be as simple as grilling hamburgers, chicken and steaks with corn on the cob. Other people invest in complete outdoor kitchens with cooking areas, refrigeration and an outdoor bar. Outdoor dining tables are sturdy with cushioned chairs that make people want to stay for hours. Research shows more people will be extending their living spaces to their backyards rather than investing in larger homes or going out to dinner and facing a huge bill. Besides, it always seems food cooked outdoors tastes even better! Do you have an outdoor dining area where you eat dinner and entertain guests? Share your ideas and experiences with us in the comments section below!

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