Nancy Lee Grahn and Thanksgiving on The Chew

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Today on ABC's The Chew Nancy Lee Grahn of General Hospital offered a peak at her LA studio and the crew helped viewers get prepared for Thanksgiving Day.

ABC's "The Chew" is getting ready for the feasts and festivities on Thanksgiving Day. Today the crew shared some fashion ideas and recipes since the big day is just two weeks away. Nancy Lee Grahn of "General Hospital" shared an inside look at her new studio in LA . Also, Mario Batali is encouraging fans to give to those in need on Thanksgiving through Feeding America.

Thanksgiving Dinner on "The Chew"

From food to fashion to fun, ABC's "The Chew" has it covered. Thanksgiving Day is just two weeks away and the crew is helping fans get ready for it. Today Carla whipped up a sensational pumpkin souffle that is sure to be a hit. Yesterday the show served up some decadent desserts for Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are one of the popular harvest items included in Thanksgiving meals along with apples and corn. Of course the crew also discussed making the turkey. Then Clinton offered some fashion forward ideas. Shape wear is always good to slip into on a day when you will be eating a lot.

On their Facebook page, "The Chew" asked fans what they were doing to prepare for turkey day. One fan responded, "I am adding more exercise to my daily routine!!Then I'll worry about the menu." That is certainly a good way to prepare for the day of feasting so you feel no guilt. Another one said, "Plan on making dinner for my family, I love to cook." Many people decide to cook while others reap the reward around the table. After the stress of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, many families are glad to simply have food and a table to eat at.

Nancy Lee Grahn of "General Hospital"

Since the beginning of the fall television season, "The Chew" and "General Hospital" air back-to-back. First fans get recipe ideas on their favorite lifestyle show then they watch familiar characters' lives on the top soap. In the past, "The Chew" has talked to stars from "General Hospital." Today they featured another famous star from this long-term afternoon soap opera.

Nancy Lee Grahn appeared on "The Chew" to show off her LA studio where the magic happens. Nancy plays Alex Davis on "General Hospital" since 1996. Before this role, she started in soap operas such as "Santa Barbara" and played Julie Wainwright Capwell from 1985 to 1993. One fan commented about Nancy, "She is beautiful, absolutely nothing wrong with this shot either. I compare her to Elizabeth Montgomery, same kind of beauty and even has some of her mannerisms."

Mario Batali Helps People Get Meals

Today Mario Batali from "The Chew" send an email to fans about bringing people together at Thanksgiving time to make a difference. Many people do not know when their next meal will come. Mario is helping Feeding America launch a Virtual Food Drive program. It is a way to raise funds to right hunger across America. People are encouraged to create their own fundraising campaigns. For each dollar raised, 8 meals are provided to needy families.

Unfortunately one in six people in America struggle with hunger. It only takes two steps to register online to tell other how they can help Americans who are hungry. Friends, family and associates can donate directly to your Virtual Food Drive. Giving a meal to others is the perfect way to express thanks for your own good fortune on Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

ABC's "The Chew" airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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