Narrowing down the prospects on The Taste

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Last week it took ABC's The Taste team of mentors two hours to choose potential candidates for the show and this week they made their final selections in just an hour.

The first week of ABC's “The Taste” dragged along for two hours as Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey judged seemingly endless spoonfuls from hopeful candidates. The selection process continued this week as the judges chose their final team members. Only six of the sixteen candidates were chosen, which took just an hour.

Selecting the Members of their Kitchens on ABC's “The Taste”

Last week the premiere of ABC's “The Taste” was a lengthy two hours as the four mentors sampled a variety of dishes to narrow down the prospects. Thankfully it took them just an hour this week to make their final choices. The candidates were unique and offered an array of selections ranging from grits to vegan cuisine. Several of them stood out for good and bad reasons.

Jennifer Mueller was clearly confident and announced her salmon dish was a little spoonful of Jennifer. While she felt she was irresistible, the judges concluded her offering was too sweet and she was eliminated. Huda Mumin was the creator of the shrimp grits with garlic and had both Nigella and Ludo competing to have her in their kitchens. Huda chose to work with Nigella. Erika Monroe-Williams prepared a lime and coriander crusted tuna with coconut lemongrass cream sauce that was accepted into Nigella's kitchen. Ultimately, Nigella wound up with all women in her kitchen.

Gregg Drusinsky, a culinary school teacher in NYC, whipped up a lobster bisque with coconut milk and curry. Both Ludo and Marlarkey wanted him in their kitchens but he choose Ludo. He was not the first cook to select Ludo over Malarkey. Later in the show, Malarkey promised he would not forget the three who turned him down to work with Ludo. Then Ludo accused Malarkey of being jealous because he was French. The judges also proved meat matters when they turned down two vegan recipes, one from a Brazilian cook and another from a woman wearing a tutu. The alleged cook in a tutu served an awful chocolate mousse that made Anthony want to vomit.

The Final Countdown on “The Taste”

Toward the end of the show, everyone had filled their kitchens but Anthony Bourdain. He was the last judge offering the remaining contestants a ray of hope. The heat in the kitchen was on as he tasted the remaining spoonfuls. He turned down a tasty steak and eggs spoonful in favor of the lap gai created by Uno, who is a Laos native now living in Texas. Uno was the final member of this team, which meant the judges all had their chosen four. Anthony also has four women in his kitchen, just like Nigella.

Next week the fun begins as the cooks work with their mentors and enter into a series of challenges. The four kitchens will go head-to-head in this heated competition. Mentors will go against mentors and could even wind up eliminating their own cooks. The blind taste tastes with just a spoonful will determine who makes it to the next level and who has to go. Now that the selection process is over, everyone is looking forward to the actual competition on ABC's “The Taste.”

ABC's “The Taste” airs on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET

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