A New Season of HGTV Income Property Starts Tonight

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Tonight fans look forward to an exciting new season of HGTV Income Property with the handsome and talented contractor Scott McGillivray.

Fans of HGTV “Income Property” tune in to see how to turn their homes into moneymakers. With the help of Scott McGillivray, home buyers determine which part of the house to transform into an apartment. This additional income can make a big difference. Tonight is the season premiere of HGTV “Income Property.”

Earning an Income from Your Home on HGTV “Income Property”

As taxes and expenses continue to rise, many people wonder if it will be possible to buy or maintain their homes. Turning an area of the house into an income-bearing apartment can mean the difference between owning a house or renting one. Often homeowners depend on this extra income to cost the cost of their mortgages, homeowners insurance and taxes. Tonight is the start of a new season of HGTV “Income Property.”

On the show, Scott McGillivray helps first-time home buyers transform part of their home into a rental to help cover the cost of ownership. In each episode, Scott offers options to the homeowners so they can decide which area of the house to renovate into a rental. The results are incredible and the homeowners are happy to have a rental to bring in extra cash. Now this popular show will be aired for an hour.

More About Scott McGillivray on HGTV “Income Property”

Besides being attractive, Scott McGillivray is a skilled contractor who knows what he is doing. For almost a decade, Scott has been turning real estate into moneymakers. His passion started as a university project. He helped homeowners earn extra money by creating rooms to rent. Now his experience led to a thriving business that includes working with renders and builders to help homeowners handle the cost of their homes.

Besides HGTV “Income Property,” Scott has appeared on several home renovation series including two from Debbie Travis, “Debbie Travis' Facelift” and “From the Ground Up.” In HGTV “Income Property” Scott shares his expertise with first-time homeowners to help them cover the cost of this wonderful dream. One Facebook fan commented about the show, “I like this guy, he is funny yet good and serious at what he does.” Another said, “Great show and actually informative too! I am trying to start my own income property business now. My son is a very talented carpenter and drywall guy and we have some great plans!”

Tonight on HGTV “Income Property”

The season premiere of HGTV “Income Property” promises to be exciting. Marli and Toby are searching for the right house to buy. It also has to be an income property. Marli's parents loaned them the down payment and the income will help them repay the debt. Scott is the perfect person to help them make the right decision. Scott shows them single-family houses with income potential. He also shows them an existing duplex. They make a decision and Scott gets the property ready to rent so they can pay back Marli's parents. Do you have a rental in your home and how does it make a difference in covering your bills?

HGTV "Income Property" has been on for 6 seasons. For the 7th season, real estate will be at the top of the show with renovations for the rental area at the bottom. The show is now an hour so people can see the entire process. It promises to be bigger and better than ever. It also has a bold new opening to let viewers instantly appreciate the difference. Do you think a longer show is better?

HGTV “Income Property” airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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