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Parenting Expert Daddy Nickell Shares Tips for Helping Your Kids Survive Homesickness at Summer Camp

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Summer camp

It's your kid and you'll cry if you want to 'cause breaking up for summer camp is hard to do! As school comes to an end, many parents are sending their kids to Christian summer camps to learn about religion and life as well as experience a bit of freedom. But how can you handle it when you miss your kids? See what Daddy Nickell has to say about it.

In some parts of the country, school has already ended. In others, kids are taking finals and getting ready to head to Christian summer camps. While you want your kids to experience life and have some freedom, you still wind up missing them. Daddy Nickell offers a few tips to help you get through this tough time apart.

Summer camp provides children an amazing experience full of opportunities that allow for and encourage growth and development. My children have all gone to summer camp where they’ve learned new things, made new friends, and experienced adventure. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way that helped my children, and myself, deal with the overwhelming sensation of separation and homesickness that can often come with summer camp.

Start small. There are so many different summer camps available. Some are simply day camps, some are overnight camps; there are weeklong camps, month long camps and camps that your child will spend their entire summer at. I suggest starting small with a local day camp. My children have participated in sports-themed summer day camps, education themed summer day camps, etc. The options are endless, so do some research and start there. Once your child has spent some time at a day camp they might be ready for an overnight camp then a week long camp and so on. Build up and allow your child to be comfortable with the idea of camp before being shipped off for the summer.

Research together. Spend time with your child on the computer (or in person if you’re allowed) exploring the summer camp. What kinds of activities will be available? Where will they sleep? What food will be available to eat? This will allow you to spend some quality one-on-one time with your child while they share with you the things they’re excited about and the things they’re nervous about. It will also help you feel more confident and secure knowing what your child will be experiencing while away from home.

First day. Spend a little extra time helping your child pack for summer camp. Pick out a few items that will remind your child of home. For instance, a framed family photo, blanket, or any other comforting item that reminds them of home sweet home! If possible, help your child unpack their belongings and feel comfortable in their new bunk space, but be careful not to overstay your welcome – you’ll be walking a fine line. When your child starts looking and feeling more comfortable, say a heart-felt goodbye and reassure them that you’re only a phone call away.

You care. Care packages are always a huge hit – especially if they are unexpected! Depending on the length of your child’s stay at camp a care package may or may not be appropriate. A care package will let your camper know that you’re thinking about them along with providing them with a little piece of home. Some must-have items to include: homemade cookies, their favorite snack, crackers, or candy. If there’s a snack bar at camp your child can access in between meals or a supply center where your child can buy nick-knacks then cash will be greatly appreciated, too. Regardless of what you send in the care package, your child will no doubt be excited to get mail while at camp.

Separation is Hard. Stay Cool: One of the hardest things about heading off to summer camp is often the separation anxiety. This can be especially difficult for first-time campers. Many children are used to being with their mom or dad all day long, and going to camp will change that completely. I suggest giving your child something special to take with them; something they can keep in their pocket that reminds them of you. That way, when they feel sad, they can pull out their special item and think of you.

Happy camping!

If you just can't let them go for too long, consider planning a family camping trip. Nothing helps you get closer to God than spending time outdoors together. Appreciate nature, go hiking and live off the land for a few days to get back to basics.

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