Patriotic Presidents' Day Recipes on The Chew

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As people around the country enjoy a day off ABC's The Chew crew is presenting a few patriotic Presidents' Day recipes inspired by our commanders in chief.

In February, everyone looks forward to getting some time off for President's Day. On this day celebrating our country's leaders, ABC's “The Chew” crew is serving up a collection of festive dishes inspired by our commanders in chief. To add to the fun, Clinton's Craft Corner features Oscar-inspired crafts.

President's Day on ABC's “The Chew”

Today is a United States federal holiday and many people are enjoying welcomed day off in honor of the occasion. Originally Washington's Birthday was celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of the country first President, George Washington. Now Washington's Birthday is usually referred to as Presidents' Day because it celebrates the birthdays of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It is a time to contemplate the history of our country and where we are going right now.

Presidents' Day is also an excellent opportunity to make a delicious meal. Today on ABC's “The Chew” the crew is serving an array of festive dishes inspired by all of our commanders in chief. Each President is likely to have his own favorite meal and we can make the day more tasteful by trying it ourselves at home. It is an adventurous way to celebrate the day. For example, it is said former President Bill Clinton enjoyed jalapeno cheeseburgers before going vegan. There are sure to be some delightful dishes to try in celebration of one of your favorite Presidents.

On “The Chew” Facebook page, the show inquires which of the hosts would make the best President. All of them seemed to be well-supported by fans. One fan commented, “Michael for sure. He smiles all the time and seems to say it like it is - truthfully. Not that the other don't.” Another viewer opined, “Clinton. He tells it like it is, and if he feels he offended someone, he apologizes.” In support of Mario, someone said, “Mario, articulate, smooth talker & can make anything sound good.” In support of the women, one fan said, “This is a tough one, but, I would also have to go with Daphne.” Another felt, “Carla, shes a diplomat that holds her own among all.” Who do you think would be the be President? It's a tough choice with so many strong personalities on “The Chew.”

Oscar-Inspired Crafts on ABC's “The Chew”

Fans can't wait to watch Clinton's Craft Corner. Besides learning easy ways to cook, Clinton gives everyone excellent ideas for simple crafts to celebrate all kinds of occasions. He is also a style expert who helps people plan a fabulous wardrobe. Today on “The Chew” Clinton's Craft corner features Oscar-inspired crafts. With the Oscars less than a week away, everyone is getting ready to have a party at time. The right crafts and foods make the gathering more memorable. Best of all, Clinton's crafts are typically something most people can make without feeling hassled. HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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