Porta Potty Peeper Arrested at Boulder Yoga Festival and Inspires Animation

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Luke Chrisco, a 30-year-old man dubbed the “Porta-Potty Peeper,” was arrested at a Boulder, Colorado yoga festival for hiding in the tank of a portable toilet to spy on unsuspecting women. He also inspired a short animated video by New Media Animation.

A 30-year-old man was arrested in Vail, Colorado for hiding in a portable toilet at a Boulder yoga festival to peek at women. Now referred to as the “Porta-Potty Peeper,” Luke Chrisco admitted to Jim Hooley on FOX31 he was “like a hunter, a man watching a bird.” The interview was conducted at Eagle County Detention where Chrisco is being held.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Chrisco did not mind hovering in a tank of waste to sneak a peek a women doing their business at the yoga festival. Chrisco said, “There's bacteria in there, but to me it's just normal...we all have bodily fluids. It seems terrible, but it didn't actually smell that bad or anything. I still would have done it even if it smelled a little weird, because where there is muck, there is gold.”

Police believe the Porta-Potty Peeper got a voyeuristic view of around 200 women in Boulder. It is further suspected Chrisco pulled the peeper act on hundreds of women across the United States and Europe.

Chrisco said it was a lifestyle he was living and “never wanted to frighten a girl. I would rather put a gun to my head than scare anyone or hurt anyone.”

KDVR reports the voyeur is now facing charges of unlawful sexual conduct. He is being held on a $1,000 bond. Chrisco admitted, “I would see women on the street and just bow down to them.”

The Porta-Potty Peeper claims he is not a rapist. Overwhelmed at the yoga festival, Chrisco stated, “I'm just seeing all these goddesses. It seems crazy, but I just felt like I was being blessed by their energy, even though it was unintentional.”

The yoga festival wasn't the only place Chrisco peeped in Boulder. He also went to downtown restaurants and near Pearl Street Mall. He admitted to going in to dark stalls, away from the cameras. The restroom at the Boulder Target was a personal favorite.

According to Kim Kobel from the Boulder police, detectives found peepholes. Kobel said, “We don't know whether Chrisco drilled them or if they were existing peepholes.” Business owners are sealing the holes to protect the privacy of future bathroom users.

The Porta-Potty Peeper has already achieved notoriety. Next Media Animation, the animation studio that re-enacted the unfortunate Tiger Woods car crash, now released a re-enactment of the voyeurism in Boulder. Fox 31 reports the animation shows a suspect getting into a porta-potty at a Boulder High School Hanuman Yoga Festival. After being detected, the peeper flees the scene “covered in feces.”

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