A Potluck of the Irish St. Patrick's Day Party on The Chew

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Today a sensational celebrity guest joins ABC's The Chew for a potluck of the Irish St. Patrick's Day party in time for Extra Value Friday.

Today is Extra Value Friday on ABC's “The Chew.” Fans will learn how to save money by having a Potluck O' The Irish party for St. Patrick's Day complete with delicious dishes and crafts. Jenny McCarthy will visit the show to join in the festivities.

A Potluck O' The Irish St. Patrick's Day on ABC's “The Chew”

On Saturday, many people will be attending St. Patrick's Day parades. There were also a few parades last weekend. Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, a time for wearing green and celebrating Irish culture. Today ABC's “The Chew” is having a Potluck O' The Irish Edition in honor of St. Patrick's Day on March 17. The show is sure to be filled with fun, friends and good food. Today is also Extra Value Friday on the show. This means the crew is serving up affordable ideas people can use over the weekend. With St. Patrick's Day falling during the weekend, they are sure to show viewers how to celebrate for less. From tasty meals to cool cocktails, fans expect to see it all during this festive edition of “The Chew.”

The show will include recipes to prepare for St. Patrick's Day. It is likely none of them will break the bank on Extra Value Friday. Besides making mouthwatering cuisine, there will also be crafts for St. Patrick's Day. Fans look forward to Clinton's Craft Corner to learn how to make great items without a lot of time or effort. Many of them can be used to decorate a party table. HULIQ will return with more later.

Jenny McCarthy Celebrates St. Patrick's Day on ABC's “The Chew”

This week there have been a few exciting celebrity guests on “The Chew,” including Alan and Tanya Thicke as well as Jennifer Love Hewiit from “The Client List.” Today funny lady Jenny McCarthy heats up the kitchen for St. Patrick's Day. She is the ideal guest to invite to a party in honor of Irish heritage – or any party, for that matter.

Jenny McCarthy was born in Illinois to a middle class Catholic family of Irish and Polish descent. Jenny is a comedian, actress, model, author and activist as well as a game show host. She is also a former Playboy Playmate of the Year. Jenny has written books about parenting and has become an activist promoting environmental causes and alternative treatments for autism. Currently she stars in “The Jenny McCarthy Show” airing on VH1. A few seemingly envious haters showed up at the Facebook page for the show to bash Jenny. One fan commented, “What is your problem with Jenny McCarthy? She's going to cook, not do brain surgery. She's also written a couple books for those of you who think she is not intelligent. People get a life and learn how to make something. That is why you watch right??” As an Irish mother with a sense of humor, she is sure to bring a lot to the table today on “The Chew.”

ABC's “The Chew” airs on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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