The Power of Prayer Versus a Bullet


The power of prayer was evident on New Year's Eve when a stray bullet entered the window of a woman who was praying in her bedroom.

Few people would expect a stray bullet to enter a bedroom window in their home. But this happened to an unsuspecting Indianapolis woman as she prayed in her bedroom after attending a long New Year's Eve prayer session. The bullet went into her bedroom window, hit the ceiling then grazed the middle of her back. Miraculously, the bullet did not penetrate her back or cause any physical injury. According to the woman, the police refer to it as her good luck bullet. She still has the bullet that was shot into the bedroom window on New Year's Eve.

The shot was random and it is suspected the bullet rang out in celebration of the New Year. If it had hit this poor woman, there would be nothing to celebrate. Clearly this is a poor way to ring in the New Year. But this faithful woman was praying at the time the bullet entered her bedroom. It can be said the power of prayer helped this woman avoid a life-threatening injury. It is amazing to consider she was in the act of prayer when the bullet grazed her back. Once again, a miracle is happening right before our eyes.

The Bible speaks of many miracles that happened including healing the sick and feeding the hungry. When we open ourselves up to prayer, miracles are still occurring in the world today. Each person who believes can often cite a miracle that happened in his or her own life. This woman is living evidence of how powerful prayer can be. We might not know when we could be the victim of a stray bullet or other detrimental circumstance. Putting our lives in His hands helps to keep us safe and protected. This woman brought in the New Year by praying and her faith was rewarded. When we believe in Him, incredible things can happen.

While the woman was not physically injured by the stray bullet, it was a shocking occurrence to live through. The woman lives alone and called the police after the bullet grazed her back. She hid in the bathroom on the floor while she waited for them to arrive. Now she will sleep in her living room as she feel upset about what happened in her bedroom. But she recognized that He was right there with her as she prayed on New Year's Eve because the bullet did not penetrate her body.

Our one New Year's resolution this year can be to love each other as He loves us. When we feel that love and pray to nurture it, the results are wonderful. Sharing love and prayer can improve our lives and protect us from the harmful elements that may exist all around us.