A Progressive Party and Secret Santa on The Chew

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Today on ABC's “The Chew” the crew offers tips for a perfect holiday dinner including Carla's progressive party and a Secret Santa gift exchange.

With Christmas less than a week away, the excitement is building on ABC's “The Chew.” The crew is showing fans how to make the perfect holiday dinner with some foolproof tips. Carla is having a progressive party and there is even a Secret Santa gift exchange going on.

Making the Perfect Holiday Dinner on “The Chew”

The moment of reckoning is almost here as people scuffle to get great holiday dinner ideas together. It is often a time when people feel pressured because they are cooking for friends and family they don't get to see often. They want the meal to be delicious and the decorations to sparkle. The host of the Christmas dinner has a responsibility to create a festive mood and feed everyone who attends the gatherings.

Frustrated fans can tune into “The Chew” today to get ideas for a perfect holiday dinner. The show is offering foolproof tips so viewers can have the happiest holiday ever. Family holiday dinners don't have to be a hassle when the host is well-prepared and feels confident about the preparations. However, there is a way to share the stress of making the holiday meal.

Today Carla is having a progressive party. This is a way to mix up the holiday meal while you keep moving. A different host serves each aspect or course of the meal. For example, one person would serve appetizers, another would handle the main meal and a third would invite everyone for dessert. This is a way to see more people and feast on a variety of different types of cuisine. Carla will show viewers how to organize a progressive party and make it work. Often people wind up visiting several homes during the holidays and this is a way to make it more fun.

Michael is also going to offer some meal tips for the holidays. The photo of Michael on the show's Facebook page is rather alarming. He is holding a mysterious bag with a questionable expression on his face. One fan commented, “Okay, Michael you're scaring me, what that from a dinosaur or what?” What do you think Michael is holding up? HULIQ with return with more later.

Secret Santa on “The Chew”

Much like a progressive dinner helps people handle the work and expense, having a Secret Santa is a way to exchange gifts without buying for everyone. Each person attending a gathering is randomly given another person to buy for. Usually a dollar amount for the gift is set. The gift is given mysteriously without the giver's name on it. The recipient does not know who purchased the gift.

Secret Santa can be a fun way to exchange gifts without having to buy too many items. Right now everyone is on a budget. This also is a way to determine what is being spent so nobody feels like they gave or received too little or too much. It is also wonderful to experience the anticipation of seeing what you will get. It puts a bit of magic into the Christmas holiday for everyone. A Secret Santa is perfect for families, friends and the workplace.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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