Questions Answered on HGTV House Hunters Where Are They Now?

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The new show HGTV House Hunters Where Are They Now answers the questions many viewers had about how some of their favorite people fared in the houses they chose.

Watching people choose a home on HGTV “House Hunters” brings many questions to mind. The first one most fans have is what happens to the buyers after they actually move into the house. This question and more are answered on the new show HGTV “House Hunters: Where Are They Now?”

Sophie and Donovan in Portland on HGTV “House Hunters: Where Are They Now?”

Sophie is a television weather forecaster and her husband Donovan is a salesman. They wanted to buy a Portland home on a budget of $250,000 and realized they were likely to land a fixer-upper. The first house they saw was on a busy street near a dog park with low ceilings and avocado green appliances. The second home was located near a cul de sac and had lots of outdoor space. The third one was located in an upscale area but the rooms needed renovation. The couple chose the third house.

The year was a busy one for Sophie and Donovan. They got married and had a honeymoon in Figi. They put $30,000 into the house already and did most of the renovations themselves. Now the kitchen has lovely espresso colored cabinets, light counters and stainless steel appliances. They knocked down a wall to open up the space and see the dining room from the kitchen. The master bedroom looks clean and they created a huge close for Sophie from another room. The master bath is still ripped apart and they are working on it. When they fixed the guest bath, a hot water pipe broke and Donovan wound up turning off the neighbors water before he found theirs. They cleanup took a week. The renovations are more than they anticipated by they love the reward of having a house done their way.

Jamie and Ben in Minneapolis on HGTV “House Hunters: Where Are They Now?”

Jamie and Ben were first time home buyers with a budget of $300,000. The couple and their dog Lucy lived with Jamie's mother for two years to save for a house. The couple really wanted a spacious kitchen and a garage. The first house has no garage but is otherwise very attractive. The second home they saw was a city house that was rather confining with a slanted wall in the bathroom but it did have a garage. The third home was a model house with a modern kitchen and 3-car garage but they would have to wait for it to be built. The couple decided to buy the first house.

After 15 months, the couple loves their new home. They did want a garage and decided to have one built. The initial estimate was $30,000 but they found a contractor to do it for $20,000. It is not taking up as much yard as they thought and it is very functional. The couple also had a fireplace installed in the living area for a warm feeling. They have a second dog and now Jamie is also nine months pregnant. They transformed the guest room into a nursery for the little girl who is on the way.

Doug in Cincinnati on HGTV “House Hunters: Where Are They Now?”

With one bathroom, two bedrooms and three teens girls on the weekend, Doug in Cincinnati wanted a bigger house. After years of working and saving, Doug was able to spend up to $2 million. The first home he saw was listed for $1.95 million with high ceilings, cypress cabinets and an elevator to get to all four floors. The second house was listed for $1.4 million with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a fireplace. The third house was a fixer upper listed for $880,000 located on a nature preserve with great views. Doug decided to buy the third house and make all the necessary renovations.

Doug had no idea what he was getting into and 3.5 years later he finally had the home he wanted after dealing with a multitude of problems. The contemporary design fits perfectly into the natural setting. He used earthy materials such as stone walls and slate floors. The ceilings range from 8 feet to 15 feet. There is a spacious kitchen, media room leading to the pool and bedrooms for the girls. He also has an impressive master suite and a guest bathroom with unique glass fixtures. With all the gracious renovations, Doug spent close to the $2 million he budgeted.

HGTV “House Hunters :Where Are They Now” airs on weekdays at 10:00 p.m. ET

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