An Easy Way To Refresh Your Environment for Spring

zucchini blossom

Spring brings to mind new life and a fresh new start. Jesus' Resurrection gave us all the hope of a wonderful new life. The warmer weather creates a positive mood that we can reflect in many ways in the world around us.

Springtime is a season when we look forward to planting flowers, listening to birds sing and rejoicing about the warmer weather. The chill of winter passes and melts into a sunnier time of year. Easter brings to mind Jesus' Resurrection and the joy of new life. We can reflect this happiness in the world around us by making a few simple changes and updates to our lives. An article I just read in the Daily Herald inspired me to consider ways to get refreshed for spring.

Dare to Try Something New

Have you always wanted to shed a few pounds doing Zumba? Now is the ideal time to sign up for a class. Did you ever imagine yourself rowing a canoe down the river? Give it a try and appreciate the environment from a whole new perspective. Make a resolution to try something new and exciting this spring. Who knows what pleasures you might discover!

Clean Out the Clutter

The holidays often mean a myriad of well-meaning gifts that turn into unwanted clutter by spring. Assess your possessions and clean out what you don't need. Consider hiring a cleaning service to do a complete overhaul of your home to make it easier to maintain throughout the spring. A cleaning service can come in every few months to dust, vacuum and handle details you might miss.

Get Fresh

Fresh flowers, home-baked hot cross buns and colorful candies are all a fresh way to add color and flavor to your environment. Use your sunny windowsills to grow herbs and flowers. Display a vase of fresh flowers on your dining room table or coffee table.

Lighten Up

Now that spring is here, you need to lighten up. Wash, dry and pack away the heavy curtains and blankets. Store them for the winter and let the sunshine into your rooms. Natural light is one of the best ways to boost your mood.

Pick Up the Scent of Spring

Add indoor fragrance items such as candles, wall plug-ins and air fresheners to each room. Select uplifting and refreshing scents such as lemon, orange and fresh linen. A little aromatherapy can go a long way throughout the day.

Take It Outside

Your living spaces are extended in the nice weather because you can transform your deck, patio or backyard into an outdoor living room, dining room or lounge area. Include tables with plenty of comfortable seating to encourage guests to stay for awhile.

Make a Prayer Resolution

Make a fresh start when it comes to your commitment to prayer. Resolve to share family dinners and say grace before you eat. Make it a habit to pray in the morning and before bed. Scheduling prayer into your day ensures you stay in touch with Him and get close to His Word.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17