Revenge and 666 Park Avenue Premiere on ABC Tonight

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On Wednesday ABC aired a recap of the hit series Revenge in anticipation of its season premiere tonight which will be followed by the first episode ever of 666 Park Avenue.

Sunday night has always been hot on ABC. Many viewers remember when it was a time to settle down and watch “Desperate Housewives.” Now "Revenge" is taking over on Sunday evenings followed by "666 Park Avenue." Sunday nights promise to be hotter than ever on ABC.

"Revenge" Recap and Premiere

On Wednesday, ABC aired a recap of the first season of “Revenge.” Wednesday night used to be the air time for this hit series but now it has been moved to Sunday night. This time slot has always been a hot spot for ABC with the shows “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters.”

In fact, two of the stars are returning to the Sunday night spot. Emily VanCamp formerly played Rebecca Harper on “Brothers and Sisters.” Now she is Emily Thorne on “Revenge.” Vanessa Williams formerly played Renee Perry in “Desperate Housewives” and is now playing Olivia Doran in “666 Park Avenue.”

The recap of “Revenge” was narrated from the point of view of Nolan Ross, a computer hacker and software inventor who is Emily's ally. Formerly known as Amanda Clarke, Emily Thorne switched identities with a friend. She uses her new identity to move to the Hamptons, where she used to spend summers as a child with her father, David Clarke.

Emily wants to expose and punish everyone who was responsible for killing her father. The powerful Grayson family was at the core of his death. Victoria Grayson was having an affair with David while married to mogul Conrad Grayson. They have a son named Daniel and a daughter named Charlotte, who turns out to be Emily's half sister.

David supported Nolan's software career when he was a young man and he turned into a millionaire. His loyalty to David makes him Emily's greatest ally. Emily also remembers her friend Jack from childhood but does not reveal her identity to him. Her former friend, now known as Amanda Clarke, gets rid of a spy from Victoria Grayson and heads to the Hamptons to be around Emily.

Amanda hooks up with Jack and gets pregnant. Jack's brother dates Charlotte but they break up. Emily gets engaged to Daniel Grayson, who is then faced with the accusation of murdering his best friend Tyler. His dead friend turned out to be a phony who was trying to reveal Emily's true identity. After Jack's dog dies, Emily kisses him and Victoria's assistant, Ashley, see it and reveals the situation to Daniel. Emily and Daniel break up but before the split, she manages to get her hands on evidence the Graysons played a role in killing her dad.

By the end of the first season, Victoria winds up getting on a plane with Conrad's mistress to testify against him. They bring the evidence against Conrad on the plane but they never make it to the destination. Charlotte attempts an overdose when she hears a television news announcement her mother was killed on the plane. She also realizes Conrad, the man who raised her, must have had a hand in killing her real father.

At the end of the recap, we see everyone attending Victoria's funeral gathering. Charlotte survived and went to rehab. However, Conrad has her carried away when she talks publicly and starts to reveal he was possibly involved in a conspiracy. Conrad and his people claim her blood test showed drugs were in her system but she was carried away swearing she was clean and it was a setup.

Additionally, Nolan and Emily realize responsibility for the death of David Clarke went beyond the Graysons into a governmental plot. They also discover Emily's real mother, who she thought was dead, was actually alive. They figure this out because Nolan made a copy of the hard drive presumed to be lost on the plane with Victoria. Tonight promises to be an action-packed season premiere of “Revenge” on ABC. The Hamptons stay hot all year with this spicy weekly series based in this tony New York venue.

The Premiere of “666 Park Avenue”

One of the shows highlighted on the ABC fall premiere showcase hosted by “The Chew” was “666 Park Avenue.” Viewers are eagerly anticipating this show scheduled to follow “Revenge” on Sunday nights. Based on the novel of the same name by Gabriella Pierce, the drama is produced by David Wilcox. The Beaux-Arts building known on the series as 666 Park Avenue is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It is referred to as “The Drake” in the series. The actual apartment building is really located on the Upper West Side of NYC and is called “The Ansonia.”

The star-studded series includes Vanessa Williams, Terry O'Quinn and a host of other celebrities such as Mercedes Masohn who appeared on “The Chew” to cook with the crew. "666 Park Avenue" follows a couple who discovers that the NYC apartment building that they just moved into and its tenants might be driven by negative forces. The heat will definitely be on in ABC's kitchen tonight with “Revenge” followed by “666 Park Avenue.” HULIQ will return with more about both later.

ABC's “Revenge” airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET

ABC's “666 Park Avenue” airs on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET

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Sunday nights on ABC, I think, could be really strong with these two back-to-back. I liked the premise of 666 Park Avenue a lot. My coworker at DISH and I were talking about the pilot, and we’re thinking it’s a strong start. If they can stay on the classic horror side like Omen and Rosemary’s Baby, then it will have a better chance. I have the pilot on my Hopper DVR thanks to PrimeTime Anytime. I forgot to set reminders for Revenge and 666 Park Avenue, but PrimeTime Anytime recorded them for me. It records all the shows in prime time from the four major networks automatically seven days a week. I think Terry O’Quinn’s character is awesome, he is perfect for the role.

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