Rihanna Enjoys White Wine Straight Up and Other Serving Suggestions

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After a recent concert Rihanna clearly enjoyed the refreshment of a bottle of white wine so much she skipped getting a glass but there are also a few alternative serving suggestions to consider.

Many people appreciate white wine on the weekend and Rihanna is no exception. After a recent concert, Rihanna posted a pic of herself sipping white wine right from the bottle. Her enthusiasm for white wine seemed to make her forget to grab a glass. While many of us might feel the same way sometimes, there are a few alternative serving suggestions that can be equally fun.

Rihanna Slugs Down White Wine

Notoriously known as a “bad girl,” few people can resist the allure of Rihanna. She dares to be different, which is a great part of her appeal. After her recent concert in Atlantic City, Rihanna needed some refreshment right away. She decided to slug down some white wine right from the bottle. She posted a picture of herself on Twitter and Instagram on April 27th with the statement, “Getting bent back here!”

The backstage photo showed her sipping down the bottle of wine. While it's common for many people to enjoy white wine on the weekend (especially in party-oriented Atlantic City), few of them drink it right from the bottle. Rihanna clearly could not wait to unwind after her show and didn't stop to grab a glass. Of course wine enthusiasts would argue white wine should be poured in a glass and savored. There are several ways to savor white wine rather than drink it right down.

How to Serve and Savor White Wine on Weekends and Weeknights

Often white wine is served cold, thought many experts do not seem to know why. When white wine is chilled, it brings out some acidity. This might wind up pleasing to the palate for many wine tasters. Alternatively, they could prefer the refreshing nature of a cold beverage over a warm white wine. Many wine experts feel the beverage should not be served cold so you can taste all the various flavors and influences in the wine. I happen to like mine cold at summer parties, though I never slugged it right from the bottle. I will remember Rihanna when I try it in the future.

While many people love wine, they often feel confused about pairings and how to serve this sensational beverage. Few are brave enough to just down the stuff like Rihanna did. We often feel more self-conscious in a classy restaurant setting. Thankfully, the experts at Food & Wine magazine help take the mystery out of serving white wine. Now we can all seem knowledgeable at parties and public venues when we order a glass (or bottle) of white wine.

Champagne goes well with salty cuisine because of its dry sweetness. Did you ever sample champagne with pretzels at an informal backyard barbecue? (I happen to think it tastes great with the chocolate-covered ones as wine enthusiasts now shudder as they reach for cheese, crackers and grapes.)

Sauvignon blanc goes well with tart sauces and dressings because this zippy favorite can stand up to them well.

Pinot grigio is a light and delicate white wine that pairs well with those light seafood dishes we love to serve in the summer.

Chardonnay is a perfect pairing with fatty fish or seafood served in rich sauces. Think of chardonnay when you serve salmon or shrimp scampi (one of my personal favorites). In fact, tomorrow is National Shrimp Scampi Day at Red Lobster with a special deal - yum!

Off-dry riesling goes well with sweet and spicy dishes. This white wine can help tame the spiciness of your favorite Indian and Asian cuisine.

Of course wine experts want you to pour it in a glass to savor the scent and subtle nuances. I still think it might be fun to try it straight out of the bottle, Rihanna-style. I just won't do it at any of the wine tastings I attend at Long Island vineyards such as Pindar and Raphael - unless, of course, I taste one too many.

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