Role Reversal and a New Season on HGTV Property Brothers

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With another new season of HGTV Property Brothers ahead, few viewers can imagine Drew and Jonathan reversing their roles but it actually happened.

Fans of HGTV “Property Brothers” are looking forward to a new season of shows featuring their favorite dynamic duo. Jonathan is the ruggedly handsome contractor who renovates and fixes the houses. Drew is the smoothly attractive realtor who helps clients buy and sell homes. Can you imagine the roles being reversed?

HGTV “Property Brothers” Have a "Freaky Friday" Moment

During their audition in 2010, Drew Scott played the contracting brother and Jonathan was the realtor. A segment of this fun audition is shown below. Few fans could imagine Drew being the down-to-earth contracting guru or Jonathan wearing a suit to help clients buy and sell homes. Viewers have grown to know and love Drew as the realtor and Jonathan as the contractor.

The audition is a “Freaky Friday” moment with some role reversal going on. At one point, HGTV asks the brothers to switch roles and a hit show is born. Drew is perfect as the dedicated realtor who wears a suit and helps clients purchase and sell houses. Jonathan looks natural holding tools and recreating any type of home into a beautiful place. HGTV “Property Brothers” would not be quite the same any other way.

Another video clip take fans back to the first days we all started watching HGTV “Property Brothers.” Drew arrives in a suit and lets fans know he wears it to avoid doing any work. Jonathan talks him into using a sledgehammer and the first try is not necessarily a success. Drew remembers safety and puts on his goggles during the next try. Drew is successful but reminds viewers he works with his brain while Jonathan works with his brawn.

In reality, the two brothers have been working together for years. They started their first business at just seven years old making decorative hangers. By the time they were working their way through college, they started a business to flip houses. It seems they have both assumed the perfect roles for HGTV “Property Brothers” and HGTV “Buying and Selling.” While Drew and Jonathan can both handle every aspect, fans like to see Drew use his mind while Jonathan uses his hands to make it all happen.

A New Season of HGTV “Property Brothers”

January, 2013 marks a new season of HGTV “Property Brothers” with fresh episodes featuring everyone's favorite twins. On Wednesday, the brothers worked with Kristi and Jay. The couple was tired of renting and eager to buy their own house. The couple chooses between two major renovation projects then Drew has to work quickly to negotiate a deal. The couple wants Jonathan to work really fast and he discovers some serious problems after a home inspection. The budget takes a hit and Jay feels it in his pocket as Kristi wants to keep spending to make it just right. Somehow HGTV “Property Brothers” manage to make it happen again.

Next week on HGTV “Property Brothers” work with Luke and Courtney who are living in a small condo with a two-year-old daughter and newborn twins. The couple is anxious to purchase a new house on a budget. The brothers sell the potential of a fixer-upper and Jonathan winds up with just six weeks to complete the renovations. The couple soon turns into stressed-out zombies as they try to juggle the repairs going on and three young children. Complications arise and Jonathan has to work fast to try to fix the problems.

The new season of HGTV “Property Brothers” promises to be more exciting than ever. The two brothers continue to put their heads together to find the best houses on a budget for their clients. The savvy renovations turn disasters into dream homes right before the viewers' eyes. Will they find a situation they can't get through? Fans will be watching closely during the new episodes of HGTV “Property Brothers.”

HGTV “Property Brothers” airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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