Sarah Palin, 'Game Change' HBO Premiere and Julianne Moore Talks Playing Palin (Video)

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The premiere date of the HBO movie about the 2008 presidential election and Sarah Palin, “Game Change,” was just announced as Julianne Moore talked about playing Palin.

The premiere date for “Game Change,” the long-awaited HBO movie about the 2008 presidential election and Sarah Palin was finally announced. The movie stars Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin and Ed Harris as John McCain with co-star Woody Harrelson as McCain's senior campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt.

According to Politico, “Game Change,” will premiere on HBO in March, 2012. Recently Moore spoke about playing Palin, former GOP vice presidential candidate.

The Washington Post reports Moore said to TV critics, “I certainly have a profound respect for the historical nature of her candidacy.” Moore admitted she hired a vocal coach as Palin has “an incredibly idiosyncratic way of speaking.”

To prepare for the part, Moore read “Game Change,” the book by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann that the movie is based on. She also read books by Palin and her staff and watched the TLC series “Sarah Palin's Alaska.”

Moore said about her role as Palin, “The most important thing is accuracy. We are all very familiar with her and those iconic moments. It was just four years ago.” Moore said it was a “daunting task” to play Palin.

With regard to Palin as a person, Moore opined the family dynamic is “very adorable. She is a very caring parent.” On the professional side of Palin, Moore stated she was “suddenly thrust into international politics” and the situation was a “pretty extraordinary one.”

Moore said the movie has moments where Palin displayed “sheer brilliance.” She referred to Palin as “charismatic” and “able to communicate,” which differed from the “highly educated white men” who typically dominate presidential campaigns. Moore also admitted she didn't necessarily have the experience necessary for the job.

Danny Strong, writer of “Game Change” and Jay Roach, the director/executive producer based movie scenes on the book material and interviews done with characters from the book. However, Strong did not interview John McCain or Sarah Palin.

Roach wrote a letter to explain the project and request an interview with Palin but “got a quick email from her attorney: 'I checked, and she declined.'” Moore also did not have the opportunity to speak to Palin.

Without speaking to McCain, by playing the role Ed Harris found, “My respect and my understanding of Senator McCain certainly deepened...He's a man of tremendous sense of honor and duty.”

While Tina Fey brought a comedic touch to Palin, USA Today reports Moore said, “I'm portraying a real human being, and it's my responsibility as an actor to portray them as accurately as possible.” As such, Moore tried to capture Palin's strength and charisma while also portraying her “lack of experience.”

Strong said about the movie, “People are locked into what they think, and it's not designed to change people's minds...There's not an agenda here.”

Below is the trailer video for "Game Change."

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