Scripps Networks Makes Deal With Dish That Includes HGTV

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HGTV fans can now get their home improvement fix from Dish Network as a result of a deal made between Scripps Networks and the satellite cable company.

Home improvement just became a little bit more accessible as a result of a the deal made between Dish Network and Scripps Networks Interactive. The distribution agreement includes all of Scripps' cable channels including favorites such as HGTV.

New Streaming Service

Dish Network plans to launch a new streaming service and all of Scripps Networks channels will be part of it as a result of a multi-year distribution agreement. Younger customers tend to get their video content via broadband instead of buying a satellite or cable subscription. This will be a way to reach out to this target market. The new services are expected to be less costly than regular cable service. A new generation of HGTV viewers will be born as young people start to move into their own homes. Consumers question how the price will be lower as Dish makes deals with industry leaders such as Scripps Networks including ESPN as well as A&E Networks and the Walt Disney Co. To add to the mix, Sony is launching an Internet based programming service and executed a distribution deal with Viacom.

Live Streaming HGTV and Food Network

Now viewers can learn more about home decorating and cooking with live streaming of linear channels including HGTV and Food Network. Subscribers will also get the benefit of on-demand access to shows to watch their favorites at the most convenient time of day. Scripps' Cooking Channel and DIY Networks will become part of the Top 200 programming package to be offered by Dish America.

HGTV Anytime and Anywhere

Home improvement fans will be able to get their daily dose of HGTV on-the-go via Internet-connected services including tablets, gaming consoles, smart phones, televisions and computers. Besides watching at home, HGTV enthusiasts can get their favorite network wherever and whenever they have a few spare moments. This is possible through the DISH Anywhere app.

A Happy Union

In a recent statement, Dish president and CEO, Joseph Clayton, stated Dish is delighted to add Scripps Networks' award-winning lifestyle content to its growing library of entertainment options including sports, educational and family programming. It will create a redefined video experience for a new type of consumer. Clayton added, "This wide-ranging agreement gives Dish customers dynamic access to Scripps Networks programming today and tomorrow."

Scripps' Networks Interactive chairman, president and CEO, Ken Lowe, stated the agreement demonstrated the consistent strength and portfolio of its portfolio of brands. Scripps Network will be able to reach more people through Dish's services and more people will be able to enjoy the Cooking Channel and DIY Network in addition to Scripps' existing offering on Dish. Lowe indicated, "We are committed to making our lifestyle content available to consumers wherever and whenever they want it."

Soon fans could be watching HGTV as they travel on the bus or take a break at work. This innovative service is sure to encourage more people to view Scripps Networks programming and expands their reach to a wider range of consumers.

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