Sharing Lunch with The Chew and Two Hot Celebrities

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Two sensational celebrity guests rock the kitchen on ABC's The Chew as they discover the true meaning of lunch.

Today is one of the hottest summer episodes of ABC's “The Chew” with two incredible celebrity guests appearing on the “I Wanna Know What Lunch Is” episode. Foreigner, the classic rock band, will be performing and cooking something mouthwatering in the kitchen. Denise Richards will also be heating up the kitchen and television screens across the nation.

I Wanna Know What Lunch is on ABC's “The Chew”

Today ABC's “The Chew” went outside the regular lunch box to serve up some specialties with famous celebrities. Co-host Clinton Kelly announced two disturbing lunch trends discovered by the American Dietetic Association. Many Americans wind up eating lunch at their desks because they are so stressed out. Worse yet, their desks may have up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. It seems wise to take time out for an actual lunch break, even if it is just 15 minutes. The crew also talked about lunch boxes. A few classics included disco, Little Mermaid and Holly Hobbie as well as The Osmonds. Lunch gadgets included the PBJ spreader, which the audience deemed worthless. Another was a knife fork to eat pizza, which was also called worthless. The sandwich cake mold is used to bake cake that is used to make a PBJ sandwich. The audience did not like this one either.

Classic rock band Foreigner is appearing today on ABC's “The Chew” an a episode aptly entitled, “I Wanna Know What Lunch Is.” One of Foreigner's great hits is “I Wanna Know What Love Is” along with other favorites such as “Feels Like the First Time,” “Hot Blooded” and “Cold as Ice.” The current lead vocalist of this iconic band is Kelly Hansen, formerly of the band Hurricane. Mario and Kelly Hansen created the Dish of the Day together, a delicious eggplant parmesan hero. One Facebook fan commented, “Foreigner was my first concert!! Can't wait to see what's cookin'!!” After making lunch, the band performed, “I Wanna Know What Love Is” and it was amazing. This has to be one of the hottest summer episodes of “The Chew!” With hot in mind, Denise Richards also appeared on the show.

Denise Richards on ABC's “The Chew”

Known for her beautiful face and former marriage to Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards now appears in the hit television show “Twisted” on ABC Family. Richards is both a television mom and a real-life mom. Today Denise Richards heated up the kitchen on ABC's “The Chew.” to make a lemon, herb and feta salad with Daphne Oz. The tasty salad included favorites such as quinoa, almonds and chick peas. When she was a kid, Richards liked liverwurst and soup in her lunch box. Richards also shared some of her lunch ideas based on what she serves her own family. They want to grow a garden together.

Lunch Well Built at Stacked on ABC's “The Chew”

Imagine having a customized lunch based on your favorites? There is a restaurant that makes it happen and they were featured on today's “I Wanna Know What Lunch Is” episode of “The Chew.” Correspondent Jamika Pessoa brought fans to Stacked in San Diego to discover some irresistible lunchtime favorites. Referred to as food well built, diners can pre-order and take out American favorites such as burgers, pizza, macaroni and cheese and salads. Best of all, they are served up exactly the way they like them.

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