The Sharks Come Out on The Chew and the Crew Gags

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Today on ABC's The Chew the crew will be preparing the ultimate culinary creations with two sharks as fans find out what food or beverage makes the crew gag.

Two ABC hit television shows get together for a common purpose today on ABC's “The Chew.” Two major players from ABC's “Shark Tank” will be joining to crew to make some mouthwatering dishes. From chocolate chip hummus to tasty and trashy taters, fans are sure to find great recipes to add to their weekly menus. The crew will be trying some unique kitchen gadgets and food items with one of them making everyone gag!

The Sharks Come Out to Play on ABC's “The Chew”

Cooking is even more adventurous on ABC's “The Chew” when celebrity guests join the regular crew. Today the two hosts from ABC's “Shark Tank” will be showing off their culinary expertise in the kitchen. Fans know they are incredible in the boardroom and now they have an opportunity to reveal their expertise in the kitchen. One Facebook fan commented, “I'll be watching, love Shark Tank!” Another said, “Yayyyy! 2 of my favorite shows combined!” Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John will be joining “The Chew” to make some delicious dishes. Both Corcoran and John are hosts of “Shark Tank” and are based in New York City. Corcoran is the founder of the Corcoran Group and published The Corcoran Report on real estate trends in NYC. She later sold the Corcoran Group and the founder of Barbara Corcoran Inc. She is an investor, speaker and consultant as well as a syndicated columnist, television personality and author. John is an investor, enterpreneur and television personality as well as a motivational speaker. He is the president and CEO of FUBU.

Today this dynamic duo from “Shark Tank” are going to reveal how well they get around the kitchen. “The Chew” intends to think outside the box and present recipes in a whole new way. They are also introducing some amazing gadgets people might be able to use in the kitchen. Clinto showed the Rollie, which creates eggs on a stick. You just crack two eggs into it, add the sticks and grab your eggs on a stick to go in the morning. Clinton thought it was a great idea since he eats egg whites every morning. Carla also loved it. The next kitchen creation was soda meant to taste like disco fries – gravy over fried potatoes! They all had a hard time tasting this one. Clinton felt it had to be a joke. An audience member was reluctant to taste it and obviously did not like it. There was also a big cocktail shaker that could hold 13 martinis. Clearly this was a hit with Clinton. Consider using one of the HGTV Cinco de Mayo cocktail recipes, which are perfect for the entire summer season.

Thinking Outside the Box on "The Chew"

Beyond the bizarre kitchen creations, “The Chew” is making some unique recipes today with some help from the hosts of “Shark Tank.” They will banter about salting a chicken versus preparing it in brine as they prepare Michael Symon's Fact or Fiction Roast Chicken. Meanwhile, Mario will prepare chicken with a salt and brown sugar brine - the chicken is soaked in the brine overnight in the refrigerator. Michael seasons the inside and outside of the chicken with salt and a dash of sugar then puts it in the fridge uncovered overnight. It was the white plate verus the dark plate to see which one would wine. More people on the tasting team liked the dark plate. The dark plate was the brine chicken, which turned out to be the big winner!

Other recipes appearing on the show today include Wendy Bradley's Tasty Trashy Taters, Dustin Smallheer's Short Rib French Toast and Amada Sura's Chocolate Chip Hummus.All of these delectable recipes are featured on "The Chew" website. They welcoming outside-the-box ideas from the audience and are ready to present them on the show. The "Shark Tank" hosts tasted each recipe and Wendy was the winner. She gets to cook her Tasty Trashy Taters with Mario today on the show. The season finale of "Shark Tank" will air on Friday on ABC. Do you have any unusual kitchen recipes or gadgets you love? Share them with us in the comments section below! HULIQ will return with more later.

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