Single Mother Saves the Life of Another Accident Victim

crashed car

A single mother who indicated she was doing the work of God saved the life of another car accident victim proving all of us have the power to do great things in our daily lives.

There are many times we can do something special for another person but might not realize it. Sometimes our fear can get in the way of our taking action. This did not happen to the brave single mother who saved the life of car accident victim for the second time. Keenia Williams, a 24-year-old woman from California, pulled a driver from an overturned vehicle last Wednesday. This is the second time she saved a life during a freeway accident.

Williams goes to church in Vallejo and San Francisco and describes herself as a Christian. She told KTVU that she must be a real angel to people she does not even know. Often it is easy to do favors in safe situations for people we know. It takes true bravery to dive into a dangerous situation to save a stranger. When Williams was driving home on Wednesday morning, she slammed on her brakes when two vehicles crashed into each other in front of her .A truck hit a car driven by a woman. The car hit the wall and turned over. Williams jumped out and ran to the car. The woman was stuck and bleeding from her head.

Seeing the situation, Williams loosened the driver's seat beat so she could reach in and pull her out of the smoking car. CHP arrived and thanked the Christian woman for her help. The officer asked what made her do it and Williams revealed it was not the first time she saved someone. In 2011, Williams was driving with her daughter on Highway 101 when she pulled up to an accident. A big rig crashed and was in flames. Williams jumped over the fuel leak and pulled the unconscious driver to safety. These heroics lead Williams to be honored by CHP and San Francisco.

According to Williams, "That's my God, my father up there. He's telling me this must be my calling." Many of us are called but might not be listening. When you have a chance to help or save someone, it is your Christian duty to step out of your comfort zone and do the right thing. Ms. Williams is an example to us all.