Spending Christmas Alone Can Be Wonderful

Christmas Heart

The pressure of commercialism can make people feel anxious about spending Christmas alone but there are ways to have a wonderful holiday without all the hype.

If you are spending Christmas alone, you are in good company. Many other people are also alone during the holiday season, despite the commercials showing cheery gatherings with endless piles of presents. You can have a wonderful holiday season when you tune out the television ads and ridiculous hype driven by merchants' desires to sell more widgets before the end of the year. Consider these ways to spend Christmas alone and have the best time ever.

Banish Thoughts of Depression and Isolation

We are living in a society driven by materialism and poor values. Don't strive to live down to these standards that only lead to thoughts of depression and isolation. Rejoice in the fact you are not one of the people who has lost sight of what is really important in life. Say a prayer and know that Jesus is always with you so you are never really alone. Find the pleasure in solitude and meditation rather than rushing around to score a deal on Christmas Eve. After all, there much more important things people can do on Christmas Eve.

Give Of Yourself

Time is a precious gift to share with others during the holiday season. Volunteer at a soup kitchen for the day. Share a few moments with homeless people to bring them sustenance and cheer. Visit a local hospital, hospice or nursing home. Bring a few small gifts or books. Read to the patients and give them a token to show someone is thinking about them. The joy of giving to people in need makes you feel like a useful member of society. These gifts are far more relevant than the latest electronic item that will be obsolete next year. Consider people who donated this Christmas season to keep a blind man and his hero guide dog together. Donate to a cause you believe in this Christmas.

Indulge Yourself

We can always love ourselves during the holiday season. Decorate your living space to bring a sense of cheer to your immediate environment. Turn on Christmas carols and sing off-key as you dance around the living room. Buy yourself something special and cook your favorite meal. You can even take a road trip to explore a place you've always wanted to visit. After all, you only have to answer to yourself. Do things other people only dream of.

Get Out of the House

Perhaps you would rather get out of house when you spend Christmas alone. Go to the park and soak up the sounds of nature. Thank God for the beauty of the world around us by taking a ride to the beach or mountains. Find a quiet spot and just feel the wonder of the world He created for us. If you prefer something more noisy, go see one of the many movies that preview on Christmas Day. From funny to thoughtful, you can find one that suits your mood. Attend Mass and really participate. Say the prayers, sing with enthusiasm and feel the spirit move you in a positive way.

Send Christmas Cards

Do you have friends or family members you don't talk to often? Reach out and touch someone by sending some Christmas cards. A few of the recipients could be happy to hear from you. You might get a few Christmas cards in return. If you do not have anyone to contact, consider what an 85-year-old man did for Christmas. James Gray felt lonely and placed an ad in a local paper that he had not received a greeting in over 10 years. Within two days, he received 300 Christmas cards along with a few gifts. There is always a way to find the human connection, even when you are housebound.

Give the Gift of Forgiveness

Have you been holding a grudge toward someone who hurt you? Christmas is a time to give the gift of forgiveness. While you might not always reunite with the person, letting go of toxic feelings makes you feel lighter and happier. Sometimes forgiveness can even be the first step toward mending a broken relationship. After all, He forgives those who seek that forgiveness. We want to be like Jesus and do the same.

Spend Time With Jesus

Remember the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Have a private birthday party in His honor. It can be as simple as eating a cupcake with a candle and singing happy birthday to Jesus. Write a poem, blog post or song about Jesus and what He means to you. Get creative and have a bit of imagination. You are sure to feel better when you share your love with Jesus.

With the right approach, spending Christmas alone can be a day of contemplation and happiness. A very Merry Christmas with love to all!