Starbucks and Dannon Yogurt are the Ideal Couple

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Starbucks is expanding its empire by joining forces with French yogurt maker Danone to make yogurt products with under the Starbucks brand dubbed Evolution Fresh inspired by Dannon.

Two of the hottest products on the market today are getting together. Starbucks is known for its tony coffee drinks. Dannon is a leading yogurt company. In a fabulous fusion, Starbucks will offer fans tasty Greek yogurt with its high end coffee beverages.

Evolution Fresh Inspired by Dannon at Starbucks

Starbucks is a famous place to grab a costly latte and a light pastry such as their coveted cake pops. Now people enjoy Starbucks coffee at home too with a line that includes amazing instant java in packets. Starbucks is moving forward with a new and innovative plan. They are planning to serve yogurt along with traditional coffee favorites. Starbucks is getting together with French yogust company Danone, the makers of Dannon yogurt, to make it happen.

The new line will be known as Evolution Fresh, inspired by Dannon. Starbucks plans to start selling it in their stores by 2014. It should hit grocery stores within another year thereafter. The product will be a Greek yogurt parfait you can eat right away. Greek yogurt is thicker than other types of yogurt and contains more protein. Can you imagine grabbing a coffee and a yogurt parfait for lunch? It sounds like the ultimate combination to me. Starbucks always tries to remain on the cutting edge of what their market wants, which is a key to their continued success.

Danone Pairs Off with Starbucks and Owns Dannon and Stonyfield Brands

While Danone is a French company, they own Dannon and Stonyfield yogurt brands in the United States. Dannon is ahead of Yoplait, made by General Mills. Yogurt has become one of the most popular snack foods in the country. It is also a fast breakfast for many people and has become a whopping $6 billion business. Starbucks actually planned to delve into yogurt years ago according to CEO Howard Schultz. He always wants Starbucks products to be purchased at grocery stores as well as Starbucks stores. According to USA Today, Schultz made a statement, “Starbucks is committed to evolving and enhancing our customer experience with innovative and wholesome food offerings.”

Starbucks recently expanded into juices and was offering samples of them at their stores to entice customers. They just purchased Teavana to offer customers a variety of teas. Danone is ready for the coupling with CEO Franck Riboud stating that the U.S. is a key growth opportunity for the company. The Starbucks Evolution Fresh Inspired by Dannon is also expected to hit the international market next year. By 2015, Starbucks and Dannon fans can have a Greek yogurt parfait and a cup of instant Starbucks Via Veranda Blend in the comfort of their own homes. What is your favorite item at Starbucks? I happen to enjoy a cup of the Starbucks Via Ready Brew Veranda Blend Blonde Roast Instant Coffee in the morning. Share your Starbucks selection of choice in the comments section below!

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