Thanksgiving Desserts and Chocolate on The Chew

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Today ABC's The Chew is serving up some sensational desserts for Thanksgiving and visiting Jacques Torres' chocolate factory in NYC.

Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away and everyone is starting to get ready. Today on ABC's "The Chew," the crew is serving decadent desserts to top off this terrific holiday meal. Daphne is also visiting Jacques Torres' chocolate factory in New York City.

Thanksgiving Dessert on "The Chew"

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and share a delicious meal with family and friends. After Hurricane Sandy, people are still getting on their feet and expressing thanks for the basic things in life. Everyone is appreciative for help, food and good people in their lives. Recent events are sure to make Thanksgiving even more series for many families this year. Traditional foods include turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. Other favorites are corn, biscuits, gravy and cornbread. After everyone feasts on familiar faves, they want to have yummy desserts.

Today on "The Chew" the crew will be sharing recipes for delicious desserts to make on Thanksgiving. Often pies are the way people top off Thanksgiving dinner. Most meals would not seem complete without pumpkin pie, apple pie, mince meat pie and more. Chocolate cake and cookies are also irresistible ways to end a Thanksgiving meal. Fans can look forward to some fabulous dessert ideas that are sure to impress their guests. C&C Sweet Factory is serving up pastries you can't resist.

One Facebook fan commented, "I make pumpkin custard with almond milk, I will use my ramekins this time. Great idea. Thxs." Harvest fruits are usually part of traditional Thanksgiving desserts. A sweet treat is the ultimate way to end a special day with loved ones.

On their Facebook page, "The Chew" asks fans to share their ideas. They are looking for holidays recipes, time-savings tips and seasonal crafts. Fans are welcome to share a video or tip that might be shared on a future show. What a special way to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

Chocolate Factory Tour on "The Chew"

Chocolate is a part of all types of holiday celebrations and makes a great gift. Today Daphne Oz is visiting Jacques Torres' chocolate factory for a tour. This tasty chocolate factory is located on Hudson Street in New York City. They were also hit hard during Hurricane Sandy and are doing their best to handle orders after losing power. Fans are sure to love seeing chocolate being made in a world famous place. HULIQ will return with more later. Next week on "The Chew" the heat is on in the kitchen with a "Stuffing Smackdown" competition.

Daphne got decked out and made chocolate with chocolatier Jacques Torres. The chocolate looked rich and delicious. They also had chocolate chip cookies that were clearly a delight. They made a big chocolate turkey that would be a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

ABC's "The Chew" airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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