Surviving the Last Minute Thanksgiving Rush on the Chew

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Tomorrow is the big day and ABC's The Chew is celebrating with Thanksgiving recipes as well as entertaining ideas before the fast pace of Black Friday when the show will not air as people shop and watch football.

For the past two weeks, ABC's “The Chew” has presented tantalizing suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner. Today viewers can tune in for some last minute inspiration. The crew will offer Thanksgiving recipes, info about dining etiquette and great entertaining ideas. Once Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday begins with no show as people watch football and head to the stores for deals.

Thanksgiving Tips on “The Chew”

It takes time and effort to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Some people have a file or book filled with Thanksgiving recipes from past experiences or older family members. Others just hash through the process the best they can. ABC's “The Chew” has served up some sensational suggestions for this day of feasting with family and friends. They even had a chat so fans could ask last minute questions.

Clinton offered craft ideas to beautify your home and table with everyday items such as cranberries. Daphne served guilt-free Thanksgiving recipes such as vegetable mushroom stuffing and apple-cranberry hand pies. Carla's pumpkin souffle and decadent desserts were irresistible. The Battle of the Iron Grandmas included some yummy stuffing recipes with Antoinette emerging as the winner. Mike and Mario work miracle with meat, especially turkey. They even served intoxicating cocktails made with Sierra Mist.

The show also focused on side dishes and offering unique Thanksgiving recipes. The majority of viewers revealed they prefer sides dishes over the main course. Either way, turkey is still the focal point of Thanksgiving dinner. From preparing it to carving it to serving leftovers, “The Chew” shows you how to do it right.

Today the crew of The Chew will share tips about dining etiquette. Often the Thanksgiving table is filled with a variety of personalities. Maintaining some sense of decorum keeps the day together. Entertaining ideas keep everyone happy while the meal is being prepared, served and cleaned up. A few last minute suggestions are sure to inspire several at-home chefs on the hectic day before Thanksgiving. One Facebook fan commented, “I'm as ready as I am going to be I guess- lol. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.And thanks for a great show!”

Black Friday and “The Chew”

Fans can watch more about turkey on “The Chew” on Thanksgiving Day. The show will air on Thursday but will not air on Black Friday. From shopping to football, Friday is dedicated to a variety of day-after pursuits. While some people are watching football games, others will go to stores to score deals for the holidays.

“The Chew” blog discusses the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday, The majority of Americans do not want to put of Christmas decorations or hear Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. They will get plenty of it shopping on Black Friday. The average shopper spends $750 on Christmas gifts on Black Friday. The blog reports jewelry is often more expensive during the holiday season and it is better to buy it in the spring. However, toy discounts on this harried day of shopping average 57%. Will you be shopping, watching football or recuperating the day after Thanksgiving? Next week, "The Chew" is sure to offer some homey holiday ideas.

ABC's “The Chew” airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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