Thrifty Thanksgiving Tips on The Chew

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Today is extra value Friday on ABC's The Chew and they are showing viewers how to save money on Thanksgiving meals, crafts and entertainment.

Today on ABC's "The Chew" the crew is gathering for extra value Friday, a time when viewers find out how to save money. Thanksgiving Day is only a week and a half away. This week the crew has been preparing fans by sharing recipes, fashion advice and more. Now fans can learn frugal tips to spend less on Thanksgiving food, fun and more.

Thanksgiving Day on "The Chew"

Throughout the week, ABC's "The Chew" has been chatting about Thanksgiving. It is the ultimate day of eating as families and friends gather for food and fun. Memories are made on days like these when everyone gets together for a good time. Food becomes part of those memories and people start to expect certain items on the table. The cost of preparing Thanksgiving dinner can get steep. Thankfully, the crew is going to share some budget-conscious tips today in honor of extra value Friday. Tommy the Turkey remains a valued guest on the show as they talk about the holiday. The average cost of Thankgiving dinner in 2011 for 10 people was $49.10, which was less than expected. It turns out to be less than $5 per person. Of course the cook also gets the benefit of leftovers.

Fans already learned how to prepare a pumpkin souffle yesterday. "The Chew" also shared some sensational dessert ideas that are sure to be a seductive pleasure after the main course. The show even offered some practical fashion advice so people look their best as they see people they have not been around in months or years. All of these preparations can get quite pricey. Everyone is on a budget and there are ways to eat well for less. Clinton's craft corner also gives fans great ideas for crafts that can be used to decorate a house or table. Clinton is sure to show viewers easy ways to beautify the Thanksgiving table without breaking the bank.

Saving Money on "The Chew"

"The Chew" also promises on their Facebook page fans don't have to lose taste to save money. Everyone expects a mouthwatering meal on this day of thanks. The show helps make all of the holidays better. One fan commented, " I love watching the show and all of you. You gave me a great idea for Halloween, I made Brain soup with Butternut squash soup and the girls in my group loved it." Another fan said, "Bring on the tips!!! With a budget of less than $60 our family could use as many tips as possible! We aren't even going to spend the holiday with extended family..including my parents this year because we can't afford the drive. So we are just going to be thankful for the small turkey we'll purchase and each others presence around the table!"

After Hurricane Sandy, many people are glad to have the basic such as a meal, money or a place to live. A large number of people are operating within a very tight budget. These tips could mean the difference between serving a traditional dinner and wondering what you can put on the table. Extra value Fridays have been showing fans how to save money and still eat good foods. Craft ideas make everything more beautiful without spending a lot of money on decorations. Everyone is looking forward to finding out more today on "The Chew." HULIQ will return with more later.

ABC's "The Chew" airs weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET

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