Top 10 Organization Tips From HGTV Viewers

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HGTV fans realize it is important to get organization before you begin a home renovation or decorating project. Recently HGTV choice the top 10 organizational tips from its loyal viewers. A few of them are sure to help you organize your living spaces more effectively.

If you struggle with organization, you're not alone. Some of us watch HGTV for decorating and renovation ideas then realize we need to get properly organized first. HGTV recently gathered organizational ideas from its viewers and shared the top 10 tips they like most. They are sure to help you get it together and know where you put it when you need it.

Take Ten

One wise fan recommended having your kids participate in a 10-minute race before bedtime to see who can pick up the most items. This helps kids learn about organization and engage in a fun competition at the same time. It is a way to encourage your kids to actually clean up their rooms and other areas in the house where they gather. For those of us who follow the Flylady, she encourage 15 minutes of cleaning in a certain area. Taking just 10 or 15 minutes to straighten up the house each day can really add up over a couple of weeks. Soon your home will be more organized than you imagined.

Show Them the Door

Doors are a way to protect our privacy and designate separate living areas. Sometimes we don't realize doors can also be used for storage. Another HGTV viewer recommended using doors to store items such as shoes and more. Shoe organizers can be used to store your shoes, beauty products and other small items. Put one behind each door to help organize each room in your house. In time for back-to-school, HGTV shared more excellent storage ideas for kids' rooms. Soon your home will be well-organized no matter how little space you might have.

Bag It Up

Most of us use empty plastic grocery bags for a variety of purposes. They make great garbage can liners in small garbage cans. Plastic bags can hold everything from soccer cleats to lunch when you're on-the-go. The only problem is they seem to multiply and wind up all over the house. One savvy HGTV fan recommended using a tissue box to store these essential plastic grocery bags. I can't wait to try this idea!

Visit HGTV to discover the rest of the 10 tips for organizing your home. These common sense ideas are easy to incorporate into your daily routine and help to keep your home looking its best.

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