Twinkies Just Made a Major Comeback

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Twinkies hoarders can now rejoice and feast on their stashes since this sweet snack will be returning to store shelves sooner than they thought.

When Hostess claimed bankruptcy, millions of people mourned the loss of tasty treats such as Twinkies. Some even purchased cases of Twinkies for incredible prices on sites such as eBay. Now Twinkies enthusiasts can rejoice knowing their favorite golden snack cakes will be back on store shelves this summer.

Hostess Shut Its Doors But Will Return

In November, all the Hostess Brands, Inc., plants closed their doors after a stand-off with the union. Hostess assets were sold in pieces. In April, Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. scoffed up Hostess Snacks such as Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Cup Cakes, Suzy Q's and Zingers. Wonder bread lines when to Flower Foods affiliates wile Beefsteak bread brand was grabbed by Grupo Bimbo.

Now the new company, Hostess Brands, LLC, will start to hire people this weekend to start operations again. There will be 200 employees hired to work at the Dolly Madison Bakery in Georgia, a location that was shut down in November. According to NBC News, Hostess Brands, LLC also purchased plants in other locations including Kansas and California. Corporate operations will be run out of Dallas and Kansas City. Michael Cramer, executive vice president of Hostess Brands, LLC, said they will not invite the unions in and they do not have to do it. But workers may decide to unionize own the line.

The Return of Twinkies to Stores Near You

So when will those beloved Twinkies return to store shelves? According to Cramer, “We expect to be making and selling in July. Probably the later half of the month before the product hits the stores.” Now Twinkies hoarders can start feasting on their hidden snack cakes, knows fresh ones will be at the neighborhood grocery store soon. In August and September, other classic Hostess Snack brands will be back including Hostess Donettes.

People who could not afford the prices on eBay to buy cases of Twinkies have been living for months without them. Some people learned how to make Twinkies at home through tutorials provided on “The Chew.” Others purchased a machine created to make your own Twinkies. There were also companies that jumped on the bandwagon to make their own versions of Twinkies. For example, the Blue Bird brand sells Bingles and they are actually pretty good but not quite the same. Twinkies might find it has some competition when they return. Other look-alikes include the Cloud Cake by Little Debbie and Dreamies from Mrs. Freshley.

Of course, everyone is trying to lose weight for the summer. Today on “The Chew” they were helping viewers select a suitable swimsuit based on their body types. Irresistible Twinkies will return right in time for the summer dieting season. Many people have refused to sample and clones and will eagerly await the return of real Twinkies to the grocery store shelves. More good news – the ingredients will not be changed. Cramer promises Twinkies will be a delicious and fattening as they ever were. Are you looking forward to the return of real Twinkies?

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