Unlikely Deals and Liaisons on Revenge

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This week ABC's Revenge returned with even more surprises as the players strike unlikely deals and one is wrongly accused of a crime with detrimental consequences.

Before the holidays, ABC's “Revenge” left everyone with several cliffhangers. Daniel had acquired Grayson Global along with the majority shares of Nolcorp. Despite Aiden's assistance, Daniel did not make him a board member as planned. Meanwhile, two dangerous characters that were seemingly responsible for the death of Jack's father returned to the scene because Declan robbed their house. This week questions were answered and odd liaisons were forged.

Victoria and Emily Strike a Deal on "Revenge"

Realizing her son was distant from her and Conrad with the Grayson empire at stake, Victoria reached out to Emily. She wanted Emily to coerce Daniel into have a conscience. Emily agrees to direct her affections toward Daniel again, despite past transgressions. This means Aiden will have to be careful when he comes to visit Emily in the future. Emily and Aiden plan a “fake-up” while Daniel is having lunch with his Dad. After Daniel met with the Initiative, he is digging for dirt about his father but gets distracted by Emily publicly breaking up with Aiden. Victoria invites Emily to a benefit to hook up with Daniel. Emily shows up as a platinum donor, knowing Judge Barnes and his wife are the recipients. Judge Barnes is the man who ran the tainted trial against her father. Emily discovers his wife is a victim of domestic abuse and gets her to come clean about her husband's dishonesty. This ruins Judge Barnes and Emily checks another one off her revenge list.

Daniel and Nolan Also Strike a Deal

It's not enough that Daniel took the Grayson empire away from Conrad. After meeting with the Initiative, he decides there are other secrets to unearth. Daniel enlists Nolan's assistance to find them through his superior hacking skills. The situation could also leave Nolcorp open to greater discovery, along with Amanda/Emily. Mario returns and tries to flirt with Nolan to no avail but lets him know he is on his side. Viewers are unsure if anyone is on Nolan's side at this point but we know he is also a savvy guy. Viewers are also left wondering about the roles Mario and Padma play in Nolan's life. Are they there to seek and leak info? \

Aiden Gets Info About His Sister

Nolan visits Emily to let her know he has access to all the Grayson records and secrets. He finds Aiden at her house and realizes they didn't really breakup. Aiden asks Nolan to tell him information before he shares it with Daniel. Aiden gets contact info for the Initiative and goes to a secret meeting where he finds out his sister is still alive. Fans are left wondering if Aiden's loyalty to Emily will be compromised by his desire to see his sister again. The Initiative is certainly manipulative but we know Emily is, too. She is equally motivated to right the wrongs about her father's perceived guilt and death. However, Aiden could be fueled by jealousy because he saw Emily kissing Daniel. Do you think Aiden will betray Emily and hook up with the Initiative?

Jack Goes to Jail

Declan discovers the nasty Ryan brothers are smuggling cocaine in coffee bags. Unbeknownst to Declan, they realize he found out their secret and plot against him. Declan tells Jack what is happening and he calls a police buddy. The police find drugs in Declan's boat/home. Jack states it is his boat and winds up getting arrested for a crime he did not commit. Nate Ryan is even more smug and starts telling Declan to clean up the bar. While all this is going on, Jack sent Amanda and Carl to stay with Emily so they would be safe.

TAKE HOME MOMENTS: Even with all the manipulation going on, the bottom line is these people have a loyalty toward family. Victoria misses Daniel, as well as the empire she used to run with Conrad. She also knows the Initiative will be descending on Daniel and wants to protect him. Emily is trying to right the wrongdoings to her father and make all the players pay for their deception. Aiden is eager to see his sister alive and well after years of believing she was dead. Jack took the fall for Declan to protect him. He also made sure Amanda and Carl were safe before he got any plan in motion. Fans are left wondering if there are more peaceful and amicable ways to protect family but understand the motivations.

ABC's “Revenge” airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET

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