Using the Internet to Spread the Gospel

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We use the Internet to chat with friends and promote businesses. Often we forget the Internet can be the ultimate way to reach out to people and share His word with others.

How often do you check social media such as Facebook and Twitter to find out what your favorite friends and celebrities are doing? Do you post to your own blog and social media accounts about the latest happenings in your life and business? Are you a participant in online review sites where you can share your opinions and experience? As we surf the Internet and share our thoughts, often we forget the power of the online environment to spread His word. Recently Huliq switched over to reporting positive news and reflections about the Gospel. I am proud to be part of this effort to spread the Good News far and wide.

We all lead hectic lives, struggling to get extra time for family and recreational activities. Our worlds are connected remotely through electronic devices. We text each other, make calls on our Smart phone and surf the Internet to get information. Often people do not even read actual books since the Kindle and similar devices were introduced. This brings to mind a few ways we can use the virtual world to experience His love and share the Gospel.

- Many of us wish we could attend church more often but our schedules are fraught with work and activities. Sometimes we miss mass despite our best effort to get there. While there is no substitute for praying with others and receiving Holy Communion, we can attend mass online or on television. The Sunday mass is televised on TV stations such as Telecare. You can also watch daily Mass on Catholic TV. This is a real blessing for people who are sick or housebound.

- There are a variety of applications that make it possible to read the Bible on your mobile device. Now you can read the Gospel while you wait at the dentist's office or when you kids takes the longest to get dressed after a basketball game. Bible Gateway was the Winner of the Christian New Media Awards in 2013.

- Often we send foolish texts or emails just to stay in touch with certain friends and family members. Instead of forwarding a corny joke or saying, "What's up?" for the hundredth time, consider texting a short Bible verse. Imagine how it will uplift the receiver's day!

- Some people blog for business or pleasure. Learn a few basic blogging techniques by reading free reports. Implement them on your own online space to promote the Word of God. After all, we are willing to review products or services without thinking twice. Sometimes we even do it for free. Nothing is more important to share that the Gospel.

We all have the ability to spread the Good News each day. Harness the power of the Internet to get His Word out. Nothing is more satisfying than being an ambassador for Jesus. Consider Mark 16:15 - "And he said to them, 'Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.'"

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