Vern Yip Shares Dog-Friendly Home Tips with HGTV Magazine

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Vern Yip recently shared his ideas with HGTV Magazine for maintaining a dog-friendly house. Much like other HGTV fans and pet lovers, Vern shares his home with family and fur babies that all need to live together in harmony.

Recently HGTV Magazine spoke to Vern Yip about maintaining a dog-friendly home that is also simple to clean and maintain. Dogs become members of the family and pet lovers want everyone in the house to be at ease. Discover some excellent ways to help your dogs and family live together in harmony.

Full House

Keeping up with a full house is always a challenge. Vern Yip knows about it firsthand.The HGTV Design Star shares a home with his partner Craig Koch, their son Gavin, daughter Vera and four pooches - Scooter, Bob, Hank and Schmoo. Being surrounded by all this life is joyful but can also be a lot of work unless you stay organized.

Special Space for Pups

One of the keys to Vern's success is having a special room for the dogs. They have a small room that has connects to a side yard. Each dog has a bed but sometimes they decide to share. Having a designated space for the dogs keeps the house organized and makes the dogs feel safe. The rooms have floors that can be easily cleaned up. Many homes have an entry, mud room or enclosed porch with an exit to the outdoor world. With a couple of renovations and updates, the room could be transformed into the ultimate living space for pooches.

Everything in One Place

Another advantage of having a designated space for the dogs is keeping everything in one place. It convenient to have a single area where you can find leashes, puppy snacks, dog bedding and toys. Instead of searching for what your dog needs, it is always right at your fingertips - or pooch's paws.

Visit HGTV to find out more about Vern Yip and how to ensure your home is dog-friendly. Recently HGTV also offered sage advice about how to effectively share your living space with cats.

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