What is Hiding in the Basement on Suburgatory

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Last night on ABC's Suburgatory odd secrets surround who or what is hiding in George's basement as Tessa suffers through the extraction of four wisdom teeth.

Fans who missed ABC's “Suburgatory” during the holidays got a healthy dose of comedy last night. Tessa had to have four wisdom teeth extracted and had a strange reaction to the painkillers. George discovered a rat in his basement that turned out to be bigger than he thought as Junior Secretary's Day unearthed a few secrets. Unlikely love was in the air with Dallas and George as well as Ryan and Tessa, which could lead to an interesting Valentine's Day on “Suburgatory.”

Tessa's Teeth on Suburgatory

George wants Tessa to visit the dentist, who decides she needs four wisdom teeth extracted. Tessa is against the oral surgery until she spins the wheel of essay topics in class and lands on Eleanor of Aquitane. Tessa goes through the extraction but winds up talking strangely as she drips blood from her puffy face. One of the secretaries is walking around with balloons for Junior Secretary's Day and the dentist informs George she is getting fired at the end of the week. Tessa later babbles to George about aliens wanting everyone's teeth and strange political connections. After the dentist witnesses her reaction, he quietly takes away her bottle of painkillers. Tessa also discovers the rat in the basement after George and believes the rat is an alien after her teeth.

The Rat in the Basement on Suburgatory

George spots excrement on the basement floor and believes they have a rat. He tosses the excrement in the garbage and Sheila lets him know she has killer rat bombs from Australia. George sets out a humane trap then continues to hear rustling. He discovers the rat is actually Sheila's husband, Fred. He is hiding the fact he lost the competition for best salesman and is not really going on the annual convention. Fred also took a lesser position as a junior secretary to avoid being unemployed. He implores George to continue hiding him and to grab the secretary's reward basket from his house. George narrowly missing colliding into Sheila in her own home. Later she arrives uninvited to George's house and wants to set off the bomb in the basement. Fred appears to step off the shuttle and whisks Sheila home to the bedroom. After they relax together, she wishes him a happy Junior Secretary's Day.

Unlikely Love on Suburgatory

Dallas gives George a glass photo of the two of them together and asks if it is time yet for joint décor. She wants to take their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Lisa advises Ryan to bring Tessa's homework to her to get in her good graces. Tessa manages to throw away the glass photo of Dallas and George in her painkiller trance. Dallas finds it and feels George might not be ready for a real relationship. Ryan shows up with Tessa's homework once she is past the painkillers. He ties up her face with a sock and it relieves her pain. He also lets her know he is still attracted to her with puffy checks and dry lips. It seems these two might get together again after that sloppy Christmas kiss.

Tessa talks to Dallas about the unlikely coupling and Dallas lets her know it could work. Opposites might actually attract. Dallas then questions why George would throw away their picture and Tessa admits she did it. Dallas feel relieved when she finds out George was looking for the picture. Meanwhile, Tessa wonders if it is really possible for her to hook up with Ryan. Valentine's Day on “Suburgatory” is sure to be interesting with these love matches on deck.

TAKE HOME MOMENTS: Honesty really is the best policy as the people we love can usually tell when we are lying anyway. Love exists in unlikely places and often the person you fall for is the opposite of yourself. Love is complicated and involves a deeper connection that understands circumstances such as a job demotion or looking your worst on painkillers.

ABC's “Suburgatory” airs on Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m.

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