Will the Property Brothers Get Fired on HGTV Buying and Selling

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On HGTV Buying and Selling Drew and Jonathan may get fired as they try to help a frustrated couple with two spirited children try to sell a home and buy one.

Drew and Jonathan, commonly known as “The Property Brothers,” deal with many unique real estate situations on HGTV “Buying and Selling.” This week they faced one of their largest challenges working with a stressed couple with two young boys. Trying to renovate a house, sell it and buy another one was a major effort and Drew even heard the words he might be fired.

Renovating and Selling a Home on HGTV "Buying and Selling"

LaShelle purchased a home when she was young and single. She married Jeremy and continues to work while he stays home to watch their two little boys under three. They have outgrown their current home and there is no decent space for grandparents to stay over. This family is ready to sell this house and move into a larger one with the help of HGTV Property Brother, Drew and Jonathan.

The home is in a lovely neighborhood with plenty of curb appeal. The HGTV “Buying and Selling” twins enter the home to find out why it is not selling. There are toys everywhere and the house is dark. The fireplace needs new tile and there is a lack of counter space in the kitchen. Some of the furniture is dated and the loft used as a playroom is a disorganized eyesore. The master bathroom is rather dated with an oversize mirror. LaShelle and Jeremy are trying to sell the house for $230,000 and are disappointed to find out it is only worth $175,000 in the current condition. With $8,000 in renovations, they could sell the house for $200,000. The couple has an emotional attachment to the house and can't believe it is worth less than they thought.

The talented twins discuss the renovation ideas with the dubious couple. LaShelle and Jeremy are eager to use the sledgehammer. The renovations include new tile for the fireplace, a larger kitchen counter with a new backsplash area, paint in various rooms, updates to the master bathroom and staging throughout the house. Living through the renovations is a stress-ridden situation for a couple with two little ones. They try eating in the backyard and at restaurants but everyone is fussy and exhausted. This family can't wait for the renovations to be done. LaShelle lets Jonathan know he needs to do the right thing. She lets Drew choose the fireplace tile since she is just too tired.

Searching for a Dream Home on HGTV "Buying and Selling"

The second phase of HGTV “Buying and Selling” is searching for a home. This couple has specific ideas in mind and wants a move-in ready house for $350,000 or less. The first house is lovely with great curb appeal and a pretty entrance. There is crown molding, French doors in the office and a large living space. LaShelle feels the brick fireplace is dated and does not like the yellow paint and other colors used in certain rooms. There is a child gate on the stairs already with the bedrooms on the upper level, as the couple wanted. The boys have a Jack-and-Jill bathroom. The guest suite is pretty and the playroom is good for adults and kids. But this move-in ready house is listed for $365,000, which is way over their budget.

The second house has 5 bedrooms and was built in 2002. They entry had glass in the moldings, which Jeremy feels is dated but LaShelle likes it. The home has an appealing open floor concept. This is important to the couple so they can see the kids from the kitchen, which is impossible in their current home. They do not like the fireplace or tile floor and feel there is not quite enough counter space in the kitchen. The upstairs playroom is big with a laundry room upstairs and a nice master suite. The yard is big with a deck and plenty of green space. The couple likes the price tag of $319,000.

They look at other homes and none fit the bill. One has cheesy columns and they won't even go in. LaShelle talks about firing Drew as they continue to search for their dream home to no avail. This couple is having no fun as their little ones get fussier through the process of buying and selling. They see another house with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths that would be a 20 minute commute for LaShelle, which is further than she wanted. However, the home has a 1990s vibe with dated carpet and tiles. It is a huge home with plenty of space and a lot of bang for their buck. It was recently reduced to $331,000, which makes it a good middle-of-the-road option.

The Final Word on HGTV “Buying and Selling”

The moments of reckoning finally arrive. The couple has to see the renovations on their old home and try to sell it while choosing a new home to move into. They are impressed by the updates, especially the fireplace and updated master bath. Jonathan even gets a hug from LaShelle. They are even happier to find out they can list the house for $210,000. Drew plans to market the house aggressively and lets the couple know they must keep it clean and free of toys during the process.

Choosing a home is difficult and Jeremy really wants to think about it. Drew lets them know they can offer $345,000 on the first home, $312,000 on the second and $330,000 on the third. They want move-in ready so they scrapped the 2nd home. The third one is too far away so they decide to negotiate on the first one. Their first offer is rejected and the couple gets dejected.

As they clean the house for another showing, Drew and Jonathan walk in. They let them know they got an offer of $208,500 and the couple takes it. They also discovered they got their dream home for $350,000. After LaShelle slaps a “SOLD” sign on the realty sign out front, she lets Drew know she is glad did not fire him. They give Drew and Jonathan props and are eager to start a happy new chapter of their lives.

HGTV “Buying and Selling” airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET

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