Would You Donate Your House to a Homeless Stranger?

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fire hydrant

It takes a big heart to donate your home to a stranger who wound up homeless after a fire. But this is exactly what an anonymous person did.

A family was left homeless after a fire with no money or resources to get housing. An anonymous stranger decided to give them a home - literally. This takes a big heart and someone who really cares. Today this story hit home for me. It reminded me we are all called upon to make these choices in our daily lives.

I was rushing to the dentist today. Finances were tight and it lead to my needed oral surgery. We were blessed with a small amount of unexpected money and I was able to get dental care. I was going for a check-up and cleaning now that the work is done. The roads were icy and I was running late. I saw a homeless man with crutches and no teeth struggling to get to the grocery store. He asked me to roll down my window.I was a bit annoyed, since I was already late. I opened it reluctantly and he asked if I had a dollar or two to help him eat. Several of his front teeth were missing and he looked exhausted. I hurriedly said I did not then searched for a parking spot. I realized I make a poor choice. While I had not gone to the bank since the check-up was included in the work I paid for, I did have a dollar in my wallet. I rushed over to him and offered it. He smiled and lit up. An elderly couple watched me do it and reached into their wallets to give him a couple of more dollars. Compassion is contagious.

We can all learn from the anonymous donor who is giving a home to Lori Rippy and Vaughan Luton. The donor doesn't even want credit for giving a home worth $30,000. The house does need some work but it is a blessing for people who are homeless. They had no insurance and little savings so they were staying in a room donated by the Red Cross. But their stay had come to an end. Clearly God was with them because in the burnt framing of what remains of the second floor was a 100-year-old Bible. It was untouched by the flames. The BIble belonged to Lori's grandfather. The home was given to Rippy and Luton by his grandmother. Jesus was definitely looking over them through it all. And it is amazing to realize we can all do this for each other - it is important to heed the call.

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16