Valentines Day Symbols of Love

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Showing Commitment to Relationship Ranks Above Flowers and Candy.

The answer to the age old question "What do women want?" would be really useful as we get closer to Valentines Day. Each February 14th, people in committed relationships around the country begin to worry anew that they won't be able to show the love of their life how important they are through a gift from the mall or ordered online. The Marketing Department of has completed research on this topic and are ready and willing to assist lovers all across the United States in shopping for a meaningful gift for that most important person.

Shawn Schaefer, Director of Marketing at asked his staff to come up with a list of what women really want in a relationship, whether they are married or single. All research had to be done online, and results were tabulated as follows:

"Our research indicated that in a loving relationship women want someone they can trust." offered Mr. Schaefer. "Financial security was by far more important to a feeling of well being than having jewelry, looking young or being thin." Whether married or single, women tend to worry most about finances, debt being the number one complaint.

"In an effort to alleviate those worries and improve quality of life we determined that the purchase of life insurance would achieve the goal of financial security and as an added bonus give both owner and beneficiary of the policy a feeling of control over their future. The purchase of life insurance shows that there is a high level of commitment to the relationship and shows concern for the future of the surviving spouse or partner." stated Schaefer. So this year skip the flowers and candy and make a very romantic gesture, buy life insurance. - By

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