Are Demi Moore's newest tweeted racy pictures a sign of major insecurity?

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This is the second time that Demi Moore posts racy pictures of herself when her husband Ashton Kutcher is getting more media attention than she is.

Demi Moore posted a topless picture of herself, along with a barrage of bikini clad pictures, on her Twitter page. She is no stranger to posting this type of picture, as Demi stands in front of the same bathroom mirror while wearing the same bikini as in the last racy picture that she posted on Twitter.

The Twitter posts might be new, but one of the bikini shots of Demi is not. One picture is at least a year and a half old, as she tweeted the same picture back in February of 2010. Chances are the battery of racy shots that Demi posted recently are also old pictures as they appear to all have been taken at the same time. Demi’s recent posted pictures appear on the website ICYDK (In Case You Didn’t Know). Demi’s picture from a year and a half ago appears here on the Mirror UK. You can make the comparisons for yourself and see what you think.

At 48, Demi has a body that many 20 year-old women would die for, but is it her pride that prompts her to snap these pictures of her ultra-trim and perky body for sharing online? Her chiseled body has had much help from plastic surgery procedures over the years according to, the website Lime Life. It could be that Demi’s insecurity is showing, as she gives her fans these very personal pictures of herself to view, once again as her husband is getting major attention in the news.

Last time she posted pictures, her husband, Ashton Kutcher, was getting mega attention in the media. Ashton is once again in the center of the headlines these days with his new gig on “Two and a Half Men.” Is this just a coincidence that Demi is reaching out for attention again and does she somehow feel left out when Ashton is celebrated in the media?

The last time Demi posted her racy pictures, Ashton Kutcher was in the middle of a semi-scandal, as a young girl reported that she had sex with him in his home when Demi was gone. This strange and bizarre story just faded away, but Demi made sure she got her pictures out there at the time to show the fans. When she posted the pictures during the scandal it had the feel of Demi making a statement. It looked like she might have been suggesting that Ashton wouldn’t go after anything else, when he has this at home.

At the time of the scandal, Demi stood by her man 100 percent and they even tweeted little words of encouragement to each other for fans to see on their Twitter pages. With Ashton now starting his Two and a Half Men gig, he has been in the media a lot lately and Demi has not. This could be the intent behind her newest visual offerings on Twitter, as in - hey-don’t forget about me?

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