'Bachelor Pad 2' finale brings out the best and worst in the cast

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The “Bachelor Pad 2” finale tonight will still have many twist and turns, right up to the time that the winning couple decide to “Keep or Share” the prize money, and the "after the show" segment is a jaw dropper.

This ending to the "Bachelor Pad" is a one of a kind and indicative only to this one series of the “Bachelor” franchise shows. It opens a window for the viewers to see what the winners are really made of in the end. The “after the show” segment will also offer many eye-openers about this season’s contestants, as they all come back for one night.

The winners are facing a dilemma when it comes to the prize money. They not only have to decide what is best for them, but they have to figure out how their partner is going to vote. The couple who wins tonight has much friction already in their relationship, so how their vote is going to entail some deliberation first.

According to Celebrity News the awarding of the prize money to the winning couple works like this: “If one chose “Keep” and the other chose “Share”, the one who chose “Keep” gets all 250k. If they both chose “Share”, they split the 250k. If they both chose “Keep”, neither gets anything, and the remaining 14 contestants split the $250k.”

Much of the entertainment value of tonight’s offering will happen during the part of the show when all the contestants from this season come back and tell the fans what they’ve been up to since their departure. One of the biggest surprises of them all is a hug between Kasey and Jake, initiated by Kasey.

Kasey apologizes to Jake, after having a chance to view the “Bachelor Pad” episodes and realizing he acted very inappropriately at times (this is putting it mildly). Kasey and Vienna are still intact as a couple and they actually make peace with Jake. This has the audience looking around for flying cows because no one would have ever predicted a move like this on Kasey’s part.

Most die-hard fans of this reality show already have a good idea who will win the show tonight. If you don't want to know what the spoilers are saying, stop reading now. It will be Holly and Michael, but Michael is in for a real slap in the face during this evening’s finale. Holly and Blake are engaged and Blake announces this news to the world in the “after-show” segment with Michael back stage and out of ear-shot of what he is saying.

A few other quick notes on tonight’s finale that will be interesting to watch: Michael does come out and learn that the girl he loves is engaged to another man. Holly and Michael will opt to “Share” the prize money, so the two of them walk away splitting the $250,000 pot and early on in the show and Michele Money gives a speech that sounds very humble.

One thing worth mentioning about Michele Money is the complete change seen in her this season as in comparison to the days that she was vying for Brad Womack’s love on the “Bachelor.” The promiscuous and very forward Michele returned as a women very intent on presenting herself as a role model for her daughter.

She opted out of the both the kissing contest and the overnight stay in the fantasy suite because she wanted to make an example out of herself for the sake of her daughter. While being a role model for her daughter didn’t come into play when she was all over Brad.

Something caused a big change in Michele this time around. It could be that her daughter is getting older and this prompted the change or she modeled herself after Emily Maynard, the winner of the “Bachelor” show, who conducted herself like a lady on that same season. For whatever the reason, she was much more likeable this time around, so her strategy worked.

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