Bachelorette Ashley's continuous humiliation is new low for reality TV

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This season of the "Bachelorette" has been disturbing and difficult to watch as Ashley appears to be set-up for humiliation and emotional pain for the sake of ratings.

The “Bachelorette” with Ashley Hebert is playing out like no other “Bachelorette” or “Bachelor” season has played out before. Ashley has been put in too many humiliating positions by the producers of the show, which is not the norm for this franchise. The roast last night was the final touch on the humiliation this young woman had to endure for the sake of reality TV.

The roast date was an irresponsible thing for the producers to let play out the way that it did. They should have checked to see what the “Bachelorette” men were going to say before they said these things in front of Ashley. How many times does Ashley need to be reminded that she is not Emily Maynard?

While people might think that Ashley is just fine with having smaller breasts, reminding her of this is just mean. The majority of the men kept the roast down to a friendly level, but William carried this way too far. He said he had wished that the “Bachelorette” was going to be Chantal or Emily when he got out of the limo. While he ended up apologizing, this does not make up for the public humility the “Bachelorette” show has put Ashley through so far.

Not only did they film this inappropriate episode, but they chose to air these humiliating insults, which did nothing but have Ashley’s painful moments put out there for the world to see. So far, it seems that Ashley is not getting the respect that she deserves.

The roast was bad enough, but allowing Bentley and his degrading comments to have air time was ludicrous. Why would the producers allow such a crude person to go on the way that he did? For the ratings? What if this was one of their daughters, would it had been a different story?

Allowing Bentley to go as far as he did this season on the “Bachelorette” was another irresponsible act by the producers. Yes, Ashley was warned about him, but she did not know the extent of Bentley’s meanness and she didn’t know that Bentley could not stomach her. This should have been stopped before last night’s episode.

Ashley was not only betrayed by Bentley, but by the producers of the “Bachelorette” show. She is a sweet woman who signed up for a dating show, not to be made a fool of for the sake of ratings. This was her turn to shine, after coming off a heartbreaking “Bachelor” show. Instead the producers gave her more of what she had just endured, which added insult to injury.

It is too bad that grabbing ratings has come down to hurting and humiliating people. This “Bachelorette” season has been disturbing and difficult to watch. While Ashley does have the choice to send any of these men home, it still feels like she was set-up for the sake of the ratings.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You are so right! I feel sorry for her and any woman who truly wants to find love and goes on a show like this. They will tear you apart. She is a beautiful, smart, professional woman. She doesn't need her self esteem dragged down to the ground. She should have just stopped looking so hard and let it just come. Gods will is his own. So be it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I said the exact same thing from the time Bentley's comments were aired. I am sure the other guys had interesting things to say in their private interviews that they could have shown. The producers should have only played Bentley's comment about her not being his type.

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