Cane Corso Mastiff dog brutally kills 4 year-old Brooklyn boy

A Cane Corso Mastiff brutally kills a four-year-old Brooklyn boy with the dog turning on anyone who tried to come to the child's aid.

A Cane Corso Mastiff killed a 4-year-old boy, who the dog knew as part of the family. This very tamed Cane Corso Matiff killed Jayelon Graham in Brooklyn on Friday night.

The dog attacked and bit this little boy multiple times around the head, neck and torso, causing massive bleeding for the four-year-old. This happened in the family’s apartment, while most of the family members were at home. The dog's vicious attack could not be stopped by family members or neighbors, as the dog would turn on anyone who tried to intervene. The boy was taken away from the dog by police and firefighters, who needed to use tools to do this. The child was rushed to a nearby Brookdale Hospital, but he was dead by the time he arrived.

Along with little Jayelon, there were two other children in the house at the time, a two -year-old and a five-year-old, neither were harmed by the dog. The Cane Corso Mastiff was removed from the house by the New York Animal Care and Control agency. The agency also took another family pet, a German Sheppard, from inside the apartment.

The boy’s mother, Saquina Jubeark told investigators that she and the children had just come home from a shopping trip when she realized she had left keys in a babies stroller. She went out into the hallway to retrieve the keys and when she came back in, she noticed that the kids were unusually quiet. She opened the bedroom door to find the dog standing over Jaylon biting him, while the other children were hiding by the bed.

While Jubeark tried to pull the dog off of her son, the dog resisted and turned on her “a little,” according to the New York Times. A neighbor heard Jubeark’s screams and called 911. The emergency workers arrived quickly, but the boy could not be saved. He was pronounced dead when they reached the hospital. The police emergency response unit tranquilized the dog before removing him from the apartment.

A neighbor ran into the apartment after hearing Jubreark’s screams and saw the Cane Corso Mastiff holding the boy by the throat. He yelled at the dog to stop, but the dog crouched down as if it was going to attack him, so he retreated. Once the police and emergency workers arrived, the dog was still not retreating and the men used a Halligan bar and another tool to force the dog back while Firefighter David Kelly rushed in and grabbed the boy.

Neighbors said that the Cane Corso Mastiff belongs to Jubreak’s boyfriend, who was often seen out in front of the building wearing a protective arm guard and training the dog to attack. The neighbors would gather to watch him like it was a show.

The investigation is underway as to what might have caused the Cane Corso Mastiff to attack and kill the young boy. This dog was a family pet and tame, and according to the owners, it was use to living with this family.

A Cane Corso Mastiff is used mostly as a guard dog or as a hunting partner, it is a large Italian dog This Mastiff is more muscular and athletic than most of the other Mastiffs, just the look of this large dog is successful in scaring off intruders, which is what the Cane Corso Mastiff is usually used for. This tight skinned dog is one of the larger dog breeds.

The Cane Corso Mastiff is a dog that is easy to train and it is also a dog that notoriously likes to please its master. The dog’s temperament is one of loyalty and usually forms and attachment with its master. The Cane Corso Mastiff should not be encouraged to be aggressive as it is highly suspicious of strangers and if encouraged to be aggressive this dog is known to attack very violently.

This Cane Corso Mastiff attacking Jayelin Graham while he was playing with his brothers, is an example of the dangerous side of this breed.

Reference: New York Times


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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Its all the boyfriends fault! What is the point of training a dog to attack besides that of guarding. But if you live in an apartment around other people there is a small chance someones gonna come in.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
now,after this horrible,unfortunate thing that happened to a young innocent boy,and a once innocent dog,the law will do more than throw misley fines at inhumane people and little jail time that they get!no amount of fines or jail will do a dam thing to make this awful treatment of innocent animals stop!!don't any people in this world see whats happening right in front of us all?!there is not one news paper,computer or tv,where I have not heard of inhumane people fighting,abusing and torturing and killing innocent animals in horrible,cruel,rotton,evil ways!and what do you think happens when a poor animal is treated so bad as that?!they take their anger out on someone else!what would anyone even expect?!and now an innocent child and an innocent dog are both victoms of this evil,rotton,disgusting crime!look at vick!it is people like him why this awful,,terrible treatment of animals changes the loving,innocent,nature they are!and then what comes out of all this?!inhumane people who treat animals so bad,they go crazy,and go off on someone else or other animals!and why?look how bad they are treated!you have to do something!don't you see?!the whole world sees,but blames the poor dog!it is not!the dogs!it is the inhumane,cruel,heartless people!do you get it?!do you comprehend this?!what will it take to make the law for animals,an eye for an eye!?do to this man what he did to this poor dog that took it;'s anger out on an innocent chil!THE DOG IS A VICTOM TOO!DON'T BLAME THE DOG!IF THIS WERE YOU OR I BEING TREATED LIKE THIS,WE WOULD BE ANGRY TOO!start doing the right dam thing!do on to these people as they do innocent animals!and this will all stop!!thats not hard to understand!enough is enough!if the right thing is not done,then you are just as guilty!

Submitted by RoastPuppy (not verified) on
Most of the nonsense you have posted is incomprehensible. Instead of worrying about the fate of some worthless fleabag, you should be attempting to find a school that offers adult education courses in English grammar and composition. The only ones in this scenario that you, or anyone else, should be concerned about are the dead child and his siblings. The dog that killed the child and the other dogs in the home should all be shot!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
it makes me sick,to know that human beings really beleive it is the dogs that are vishous,and are the cause of all this going on in the world and all over!it is not the dogs!it is people like michael vick!!!stop turning your heads the other way!stop blamming the animals!look whats being done to these poor animals!and then you can ask why?!it is horrible,so cruel and so sad that innocent,loving animals end up in trash hands as that!what a dam shame!I feel so sorry for them poor animals,because it's not their fault!they are treated so so bad at the hand of people such a s this one that was literly fighting this poor dog right out in the street!in front of where he lives!god only knows the torture this man put this dog through!so I don't want to hear,it's the dogs fault!because,it is not!the dog is also a victom here!as all the rest are!in evil hands as this!and that evil vick!if I could help one poor animal at the rotton hands of inhume people!I will!to save the poor things against this awful inhumane tratment!

Submitted by RoastPuppy (not verified) on
You have gone on and on and on about the "poor dog," how about the "poor, innocent child" this monster killed? A little boy was torn apart by a vicious beast and that doesn't bother you at all! People like you make me sick. The mother of the child should be charged for allowing her sorry boyfriend to bring his monster dogs into her home, the boyfriend should be charged for owning the dogs, the dog should be shot, and people like you should be sterilized!

Submitted by WW (not verified) on
You are right on the money. There is too much "It's ok to butcher the baby but don't hit the dog" attitude out there today.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
its epode like you who don't appreciate this breed this dog is not shown like this when have you heard of a cane corso attacking someone unlike the pitbull breed these dogs are not to blame you people are ignorant like you Roast puppy

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
its epode like you who don't appreciate this breed this dog is not shown like this when have you heard of a cane corso attacking someone unlike the pitbull breed these dogs are not to blame you people are ignorant like you Roast puppy

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
its epode like you who don't appreciate this breed this dog is not shown like this when have you heard of a cane corso attacking someone unlike the pitbull breed these dogs are not to blame you people are ignorant like you Roast puppy


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