Casey Anthony may make millions - as line forms to take it away

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Casey Anthony needs to make all those millions projected in the media for book deals, interviews and even movie possibilities, as prospective lawsuits and court costs are gearing up to take it away.

With all the talk about Casey’s future looking extremely lucrative, the lawsuits are coming out of the woodwork. If any of these proposed lawsuits are won, they would be levied against any money that Anthony realizes once embarking on her new found celebrity status.

The possibility of the sale of her story for a book, interviews that she will do and even the prospects of a movie deal, could feasibly make Anthony a millionaire a few times over.

One of the more serious and deserving lawsuits being contemplated today is by the Texas EquuSearch Group. This is a group that consists of volunteers who searched for Caylee Anthony for a month, while Casey already knew that her daughter was dead. Tim Miller, the founder and leader of this group was interviewed on Fox News today.

Miller said that his experiences with the Anthony family were unlike any he has ever experienced with people who had a loved one missing. When the Texas volunteers first arrived, Miller met with the family and said that they were more concerned about Casey going to jail, than they were about finding little Caylee.

This Texas group spent more than $112,000 on the month long search that they did for Caylee and they want to recoup that money, considering the search was done under false pretenses. Miller is consulting with lawyers about bringing a lawsuit forth against Casey, George and Cindy Anthony.

Miller said that he had a feeling that Cindy, Casey’s mother, knew the truth about the child’s death at the time the volunteers were combing the swamps, woods and fields for little Caylee. He is quick to say he has no proof of this, but this is the way it seemed to him at the time.

He said that Cindy’s priority was keeping Casey out of jail and not the search for Caylee. Miller also said that the Anthony’s never thanked any of the volunteers for their help and acted as if they were a nuisance. He also said that the first time he met George, he was waiting at the Anthony house for him to come home and upon arrival George said to Cindy, “who is this clown I have to talk to from Texas.” Miller overheard him say this.

As far as Casey, who was living at the Anthony home at the time, Miller said she was upbeat, happy and flitted around the house in her little pair of shorts offering the volunteers something to drink. She did not appear like a distraught mother of a missing child.

The money that the Texas volunteer group spent and is looking to recoup today went for lodging, food and transportation. Miller said that they used 36 of the 50 airline tickets donated by airlines to this group each year, which could have been used for a real missing child search.

This Texas group normally does not look for reimbursement when they come out and do a search, but this case is different. Casey knew her daughter was dead and knew the location of her body, but still let the search party keep on looking for her daughter.

The Texas EquuSearch team are not the only ones looking for money from Casey. “Zanny the Nanny,” or at least a woman with the same name as the nanny that Casey said kidnapped Caylee, is in the process of suing Casey. Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez’s attorney has filed a subpoena to question Casey and she was served the subpoena at the Orange County Jail.

Gonzalez's claim does not appear as strong as the Texas search group's claim, she is claiming her life is ruined because she has the same name of the fictitious nanny that Casey said had kidnapped her daughter. Gonzalez had nothing to do with the case, she just coincidentally has the same name that Casey made up for the nanny.

This woman claims that she cannot find work and is ostracized since her name was mentioned in this case as the person who kidnapped Casey’s daughter. Gonzalez is seeking $15,000 in damages for her ruined reputation, loss of job, humiliation and distress brought on by Casey’s lie.

Casey’s release date keeps changing, as it was first reported she would stay in jail until February of next year, then it was changed to July 13th and now the date has been pushed back to July 17th, after the court did some recalculations on time served and time off for good behavior.

The two prospective lawsuits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to money Anthony may end up owing. The judge has ruled that she will be responsible for the court costs of the trial. The court bill could be enormous for the time they put into this case, according to Greta Van Susteren on her news show Thursday night.

It appears that if Casey does make money from her story, there will be plenty of people with their hands out waiting to take it away from her legally. Some are very well deserving of this money, while others may be trying to cash in on a coincidence. Still, as the weeks go on and Casey gets out of jail she could see even more people wanting to legally take any money she might make away.


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