Casey Anthony's parents on Dr. Phil - offer Casey's medical condition as excuse

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Cindy and George Anthony appear on Dr. Phil Tuesday, for their first interview since their daughter, Casey Anthony, was found not guilty in a court trial where she faced charges of murdering her toddler daughter.

Dr. Phil is in high demand due to the Anthony’s appearance on his show and he is in the spotlight this week. The interview with Cindy and George Anthony airs on Dr. Phil Tuesday, September 13, but the trailer is enough to show two parents really hurting about being estranged from their daughter Casey and still sick over the loss of their granddaughter Caylee, as discussed in the previews posted on Fox News.

Cindy discloses a medical condition that Casey has that she thinks may had played a part in Caylee’s death. Before going any further into this, it is sad to say it sounds more like a desperate mother still trying to find something that would make Casey less than the monster that the world sees her as today. Casey suffers from Gran Mal Seizures, which may, in Cindy Anthony’s eyes, clear up a lot about any part that her daughter might have had in her granddaughter’s death.

Cindy thinks that Casey may have suffered one of these seizures while in the pool with Caylee, leading to the child’s drowning. Casey’s defense claims that the toddler died from drowning. One of the dangerous activities listed for people who suffer from these seizures on CNN Health is swimming, because this puts the person suffering the seizure at risk for drowning.

She also says that the seizures play a part in rendering Casey with a mental health condition, which makes it difficult for her to distinguish between "fact and fiction" at times. This is sad to hear, because it is coming from the pain of a mother whose daughter has torn the family to shreds. It sounds like Cindy needs to hold onto something to make her daughter more human than most people believe she is capable of being.

Gran Mal Seizures are a horrific episode to watch, but people who suffer from them go on and lead honest and productive lives and while they can be a bit foggy after suffering from an episode, most can certainly distinguish fact from fiction in their daily lives, if they could before being inflicted with this condition. It may be that Casey also suffers from a mental health disorder on top of having the seizures.

While every medical case is different, only Casey’s physicians would know if Cindy’s claims are true, but it certainly sounds like she is grabbing at the last ounce of hope to have her daughter be seen in a different light.

The “fact from fiction” comment may also have been thrown out there as a way to describe what was going on with Casey when she accused her father and brother of having some type of sexual relationship with her. Both these men were tested to see if they could be Caylee’s biological father, so Casey really had some serious sexual behaviors to report to get the investigators to go that far.

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