Christina Hendricks' abundance of cleavage last night makes global headlines

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Christina Hendricks and Sarah Jessica Parker attended the N.Y.C. premiere of their new movie and while the movie got good reviews, the headlines were all about Hendricks jaw-dropping low cut dress.

Hendricks is a curvaceous beauty and she is one lady who doesn’t need to accentuate one inch of those curves. That didn’t stop her from embellishing a bit on the red carpet at the New York City premiere of her new movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It.” This gorgeous red head's blush pink and very low cut dress presented cleavage, the type that is found as a result of a push-up bra. When talking "push-up bra" and "Christina Hendricks," let’s just say no one could look her in the face last night due to the feminine display she offered front and center.

As her cleavage is making headline news today, for she was the epitome of daring feminine beauty last night, barely anything about the movie is mentioned. In a picture standing next to her co-star, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina’s eye catching presentation makes Sarah Jessica look "under' everything. Poor Sarah Jessica looked under dressed, underweight and really under appreciated by the camera. It wasn't the "Sex and the City" star's fault, if she were standing next to anyone else, she would be seen as ravishing. Marilyn Monroe would have looked understated next to the "Mad Men" star. With headlines today like, “I Dare You to Look Me in the Face” and “Christina’s Boobs Upstage Sarah Jessica Parker,” you can understand why all eyes were on her last night.

The photos of Christina in her talk of the town dress can be seen here at the
Washington Post.

Headlines about Christina’s attire didn’t just come from the run of the mill tabloids, the Washington Post, along with some other cornerstone media outlets also ran stories on the "Mad Men" star taking Manhattan by storm, or in this case, cleavage! Across the pond's big media outlets also published articles about the dress and the celebrity who was in it. Sarah Anne Hughes from the Washington Post wrote, “While the “Mad Men” actress’s wardrobe choice — a form-fitting cocktail dress that left little to the imagination — was a tad shocking, it’s almost assumed that Hendricks will channel her sultry TV character Joan Harris on the red carpet. One must assume she lives by the adage, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”’

With all the hoop-la about what was popping out of Christina’s dress, many forget to mention that the “Mad Men” star has lost weight. She is nowhere near skinny, she still has all of her curves in the right places, but the weight loss even shows in her face, which is not as rounded as it was in “Mad Men.” Hopefully she is done losing weight because this sultry red head has become the inspiration for many women who aren’t stick figures. She has been credited with having some meat on your bones come back into style.

The movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” stars Jessica Sarah as a mother, wife and career woman juggling all life’s tasks. Christina plays her best friend who knows all about the life-style that Jessica is attempting to tackle because she has been there herself. This comedy has received good reviews so far, but nothing like the reviews the tall red haired beauty got for her appearance last night!

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