Do Not Call Registry stops calls from home and cell phones

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Just like clockwork, the phone rings at dinner time with a fast talking lady trying to sell you credit card insurance, which may become a frequent occurrence, unless you sign up for the Do Not Call Registry and do what the Better Business Bureau suggests.

The Do Not Call Registry does work most of the time, but when it doesn’t you have a recourse, according to the Better Business Bureau. This is for both your land line and cell phone numbers. It is bad enough when the calls come through to your home phone on a land line, but now that your cell phone is ringing every day, this can be costing you money in cell phone minutes. The Do not Call Registry was created for these reasons. The Better Business Bureau receives numerous calls on a regular basis asking, "Why are so many companies calling me and how did they get my name and number?"

The answer to this question may surprise you. According to the BBB, they have your phone number because you gave it to them. If you have signed up for a drawing lately, this is how your number became a sales call lead. When you sign up for a drawing, this is giving the company permission to call. Then they usually sell your phone number to other companies, who now have the same right to call you. The first line of defense is simple - be careful who you give your phone number to.

When signing up for a magazine subscription, tell the salesperson not to share your information with anyone else. Unless you tell them, they will most likely do this and unwanted mailings and phone calls will soon follow.

Do Not Call Registry - for land lines and cell phones:

According to the BBB, the Do Not Call Registry is for both cell phones and land lines. This registry is to protect any phone number no matter what type of phone you have. Here is a statement addressing this on the Federal Trade Commission's website:

"Federal regulations already prohibit most telemarketing targeted to cell phones. The truth about cell phones and the Do Not Call Registry is: The government is not releasing cell phone numbers to telemarketers. There is no deadline for registering a cell phone number on the Do Not Call Registry… There is only one Do Not Call Registry, operated by the Federal Trade Commission, with information available at or (888) 382-1222. There is no separate registry for cell phones."

How The Do Not Call Registry Works:

Every 31 days, telemarketers are required to search this registry and delete any phone number that they have on their list that appears on this registry. You are allowed to register up to three numbers, which would include your cell phone.

What To Do When They Keep Calling Back After You Have Signed Up On The Registry:

If the telemarketers continue to call after you have signed up for the registry, first tell them not to call back. If the telemarketer calls back, then file a complaint with through the FTC with the Do Not Call Registry.

A few callers are exempt from this list, like campaign callers. According to the BBB the only way to handle the political based phone calls is to get caller ID and not answer when they call. Charities can also call, but they cannot be telemarketers for the charity. Third party calls, such as a telemarketer hired by a charity are not allowed to call.

According to the BBB Colorado has a no-call list for the state, if you live in this state it cannot hurt to sign up both for Colorado's and the Federal No Call Registries.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have placed my home phone and cell phone number on the "NO CALL LIST", and yet I continue to received phone calls on both phones. Sometimes 3, 4 and even 5 times in a single day.

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on
My home phone is blocked, but I still get calls..also on my new cell phone.. Help!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
We're on the Do Not Call List and get 3-5 calls a day. For several months I reported everyone on the gov't complaint web site. It did no good. I complained to my congressman, who said they would get a "file" opened. Did no good. I tell the people who call that we're on the List and they laugh at me.

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