Does Selena Gomez have what it takes to headline in Vegas?

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A Las Vegas show is nothing like a concert and the suggestion that Selena Gomez might do a nightly show in Vegas would mean that she would need to have more than what she offers today.

Selena won’t be the first pop star to headline in Vegas on her way to the top, if she does decide to do a show there. Her recent concert in Las Vegas packed the house and this might be Selena’s next big step on the road to mega stardom, suggests Gather.

When you look back at the history of young adults who headlined a show in “Sin City,” it is clear that many of them went on to become big time celebrity icons. While this would be a plus for the former Disney star’s career, does she have what it takes to actually put on a show in Vegas?

Michael Jackson, Donny and Marie Osmond and even the 60’s heart-throb Frankie Avalon all got a step-up in showbiz with a headliner in Vegas. This oasis in the dessert has brought some of the greatest acts in the world to it stages up and down the main strip. A Las Vegas show is a production and when you headline there, this is what you basically sign on to.

It seems that starring in Vegas is the middle step in the ladder of show business. Rising stars stop there and get a boost in their career, but at the same time it is also a place for stars coming down from the top of their game to headline a show. Greats like Celine Dione, Elton John and even Elvis Presley played Vegas shows after the peak of their careers.

Then Vegas has a way of capturing some acts that come and never leave like the Wayne Newton’s and Liberace’s of the world! These two gentlemen were Vegas corner stones from the beginning to the end of their careers.

Never the less, Las Vegas has had many of the great’s headline a show at various points in their musical careers, but a Vegas show is so much more than a concert. It is about the glitz, glitter, dancing and showmanship. If Selena were to headline in the “Sin City” she would need an act worthy of pulling in an audience night after night.

While the young fans love her show, she has gotten reviews that have called her show basically average, like the one in the Hartford Courant when she played the Mohegan Sun Arena last month. “The show was largely a succession of same-sounding workouts,” says Thomas Kintner who writes for the Hartford Courant.

If Selena is going to bring a show to Vegas, it has to be dazzling, and what the audience sees is almost as important as what they hear during a Vegas production. While her concerts are keeping her young group of Disney fans entertained, it sounds like she would need an overhaul to her “We Own the Night” performance to make it in “Sin City.”

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