Ellen DeGeneres: next best thing to a generator during power outage

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American families would rather have Ellen DeGeneres in their home during a power outage than any other star, so says a recent poll.

Mother Nature has whipped up some ugly weather across the nation in the last few months, with tornadoes to hurricanes leaving Americans experiencing power outages across the country. When that electric goes out, life gets dull, so dull that people just don’t know what to do with themselves for entertainment. A new poll suggests that if the power went out, leaving the TV, Internet and phone service not working, Americans would opt for one celebrity in particular to come and stay with them so they can take advantage of her entertainment value.

That entertainer would be Ellen DeGeneres, according to Starpulse. Who wouldn’t want the queen of comedy livening up a power outage? This poll was taken recently, after many are just getting out from under the effects of Irene, so it was fresh in their minds what life is like when you have to rely on yourself for entertainment. Most admit that this is no fun. The poll was conducted by GE Generator Systems, who asked American families which star they would want to spend time with in the event of a power outage of at least two days. Ellen was the hands-down the winner. She won 21% over other talk-show hosts like Regis and Kelly or Matt Lauer.

She is one funny lady and even with her spastic jokes shooting off the top of her head, she has calmness about her, she acts like nothing can ruffle her too much, so she would also be good around the house to keep people on an even keel. FEMA’s “National Preparedness Month” is the month of September and they kicked it off with a new survey, which is conducted by Harris Interactive. They want the survey to show people that the best way to survive an emergency is to be prepared. This not only means to have enough food and water on hand, it also means to find ways to supply back-up power, using batteries and generators.

Of course this goes hand in hand with a sales pitch on generators, but anyone who just went through almost a week without power, like some people in the Northeast and New England, you know the luxury a generator would have provided during the recent loss of power due to Irene. It is not only TV, it is your cell phones, laptops, iPods, and all the other electronic devices that have become such a big part of your life. With no power, you couldn’t charge anything, especially your cell phone, cutting you off from the outside world.

While the emergency for most is over, the recent outage may prompt many to get a jump on the next one and have a generator ready for the next time a wicked weather event comes your way.

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