'Entourage' airs its last episode Sunday - did it just fade away?

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"Entourage" will air its very last episode tonight as its eighth and final season comes to a close, with many critics piping in that the ending is coming a few seasons too late.

As the curtain closes tonight, Vince, Turtle, E, Drama and Ari’s living large life will only be seen in reruns from now on, but some think that has already happened, as some of the new episodes were already like watching reruns. Many of the character’s antics have been done to the point of saturation.

This Sunday night offering was a critically acclaimed show; it was one of a kind and provided some “must-see” HBO in its first few seasons, but this show did what some of other greats were smart enough to avoid. "Entourage" didn’t go out in a blaze of glory; they faded away. This is sad to see from a show that was once thought of as having the same excellence as the “Sopranos,” “Six Feet Under” and “Weeds.”

Where the “Sopranos” and “Six Feet Under” were award winners that left the fans wanting more when they departed, watching “Entourage” has become more of a duty when it comes to seeing it to the end. It's like watching it die a slow death. This may be why the producers made this final season much shorter than the others because they too recognized this.

First of all, the men from this HBO show are too old to be playing a bunch of groupies. Following Vince around for all these years just got old.

Matthew Gilbert from the Boston Globe writes that the “Entourage’’ became self-parodic after a few seasons, with the characters turning into “Saturday Night Live’’ impressions of themselves - E’s relentless monotone, Drama’s uh-duh-ness, Vince’s oh-so-mellow hedonism, Ari’s endless picking at Lloyd for being gay, Asian, and nice?”

Gilbert goes on to say, “Funny twice, maybe; on a loop for eight seasons, about as entertaining as a case of mercury poisoning,” as he talks about the reoccurring antics of the group.

He is not alone in his thinking; other critics are saying pretty much the same thing when it comes to this half hour of entertainment. It was good, really good, but it just went on too long, is the consensus of many writing their reviews today.

The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever points out that one of the many flaws that grew from too many seasons of “Entourage” was, “its constant fallback on misogyny and homophobia as cute and acceptable forms of interplay between grown men.” He also points out that there wasn’t much “Karmic justice” when it came to Vince and his men. They got away with everything and the “Creators of “Entourage” simply loved these men too much to harm them.”

Creator Doug Ellin and series producer Mark Wahlberg got together with the cast this summer in L.A. and they were all for reuniting for a movie one day, similar to what “Sex and the City” went on to do once they backed away from doing another season. If a movie is on the drawing table, it would be nice to see Vince’s group of grown men groupies have some story lines of their own, like “life after Vince.” It would be different to see these grown men mature and fend for themselves for a change.

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