Gaddafi's letter to Obama - his affection will not sway

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Gaddafi’s letter to President Obama is defending the stand that Gaddafi has taken in Libya and reinforces his apparent defiance against US involvement in the “no fly zone.”

This letter to Obama starts off with, “To our son, his Excellency” and goes to convey Gaddafi’s perception on the events that are taking place in Libya. Gaddafi basically says that it is Al-Qaida that the US is defending by getting involved with the Libyan civil war.

“Al-Qaida” is an armed organization passing through Algeria, Mauritania, and Mali. What would you do if you found them controlling American cities with the power of weapons? What would you do so I can follow your example.” This is just a couple of the lines from the letter that Gaddafi sent to Obama trying to defend the stand that he continues to take in Libya.

Gaddafi also expresses his high regards for President Obama and says that even if the US and Libya should go to war, his affection for the President will not change. “Even if Libya and the United States of America enter into war, god forbid, you will always remain a son. Your picture will not be changed,” Gaddafi writes.

One of the things that Gaddafi stressed in this letter was that men, women, and children in his country were ready to die for him. Today Gaddafi has promised to hand out 1 million fire arms to the citizens of Libya to fight the war on the ground in retaliation for the air strikes that the US and allies orchestrated in the last two days.

There is no word from the White House today about how Obama is feeling about this very affection letter addressed to him from Gaddafi. President Obama remains out of the country and in Brazil, it seems to be that Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton is taking the lead on Libya today, according to Fox News. Obama did take to the airways twice on Saturday to address certain issues occurring with Libya and to also address the US’s involvement in the air strikes to keep the “no fly zone” in place. He does appear to be keeping an eye on things from his station in Brazil.

President Obama stresses that he will not be putting troupes on the ground in Libya, the “no fly zone” will be strictly enforced through the air only. He also said that we are not in Libya to take Gaddafi out of power, it is to enforce the “no fly zone,” which keeps civilians safe.

President Obama told the American people yesterday that “the use of force in Libya was not his first choice,” but they had no choice in protecting the citizens of Libya by implementing and protecting the “no fly zone.” He also stressed that this is a joint venture with other countries.

Gaddafi not only wrote a letter to the President of the US, he also wrote to other world leaders, David Cameron, Nicholas Sarkozy, and the Ban ki-Moon. The letter sent to Obama was not as aggressive as the other letters sent. He used words such as “you will regret it if you take steps to interfere with our country,” in the letter sent to the other world leaders.

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