'Twilight' vampire Halloween costumes rule this year along with designer fangs

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"Twilight" movies, like the up and coming "Breaking Dawn," along with"True Blood" on the tube are driving the Halloween vampire costumes sales high this season.

Halloween has always seen its fair share of vampire costumes, but with the popularity of the movies in the "Twilight" saga, vampires are taking center stage in the Halloween costume landscape this year. The vampires of yesteryear that sported fangs, a forehead with a peak of jet black hair and the long foreboding black cape are still out there, but it is the modern day vampires from the “Twilight” series that are driving the choices for Halloween 2011.

Although the holiday is still more than a month away, the season looks like a bonanza for the vampire costumes that mimic those of "Twilight,” “Breaking Dawn,” “Eclipse,” and “New Moon." Halloween chain stores are reporting an early rush on the costumes. The newest offering in the “Twilight” movie saga, “Breaking Dawn” is due for release in November and the die-hard fans are basking in their anticipation with Halloween costumes that look like Edward, Bella and the rest of the cast.

Sushma Dwivedi, the spokesperson for the Spirit Halloween stores says, “Vampires have always been a perennial favorite, but ‘Twilight’ and other vampire shows have re-energized the passion with an almost cult-like following.” Dwivedi spoke about the trendy vampire craze in an interview with the Philly Burbs. Fans of “True Blood” are also getting in on the vampire action, as this television show has gathered a massive following among young adults.

The manufacturers of Halloween costumes learned years ago that a movie’s box office success often determines how popular a Halloween costume will be. To demonstrate just how big a business the October holiday has become, Bob Schank, president of Masquerade, LLC opens 100 Halloween Adventures stores across the country, just to service costume buyers for one holiday. He says that their selection of fangs was expanded this year, due to the infatuation with the vampires from the movies and TV. The many different types of designer vampire fangs have changed from the days of the one size fits all.

While the “Twilight” generation is ruling this year’s Halloween costume lines, Schank said that some old favorites are still in demand today. “Michael Myers masks will still be a top seller. Freddy Krueger masks will still be a top seller. A lot of the classics will still be really popular year after year,” says Schank. The Halloween costume business sees new trends every year, and again a lot of these trends start with movies that are doing well at the box office. “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” has caused a surge in gorilla costumes, as the movie is doing well and still in the theaters today.

The DVD release on October 18th, of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” is expected to spark a rise in sales of costumes for the Penelope Cruz character in the movie, Anjelica. She is the female version of Captain Jack Sparrow. This female pirate costume is expected to do as well as the male pirate costumes have done in the past.

Along with vampires and pirates, Dwivedi says his store is offering a line of costumes that he calls “major zeros.” These are the celebrities that were in the media this year for major blunders, such as Charlie Sheen, Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Pop culture costumes are also hot this year with Lady Gaga expected to be a very popular seller. Stores offer Lady Gaga wigs, some of her more famous outfits and a few of the over the top eye glasses that she has worn this wear.

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