Harold Camping's Judgment Day: odds are an earthquake is coming today

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Harold Camping's prediction of Judgment Day, May 21st, will probably bring an earthquake somewhere on the planet, with more than 15,000 earthquakes on earth every year.

Harold Camping predicts that the end of the world will start today May 21, with Judgment Day. a very large earthquake will strike the world somewhere today, is Camping’s doomsday prediction. While Camping has become an amusement to most with his end of the world campaign, there is a good chance that an earthquake will happen somewhere in the world today. If the earthquake happens to be a big one, Camping will have the stage for the next five months.

Camping has the world’s attention, mostly due to curiosity, but there is a good chance that somewhere on this planet today an earthquake will occur. With over 15,000 earthquakes occurring each year on this planet, according to the US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center. Odds are that he will get the earthquake part his prediction right somewhere in the world today. 15,000 earthquakes is the lowest amount of earthquakes in a calendar year in the last ten years. In the last decade some years have seen over 30,000 earthquakes in 12 months time. This was a good disaster for Camping to pick, considering the frequency in which they occur. The odds get a little tighter when it comes to the size of an earthquake that will make people take notice.

The end of the world prediction is going to start with an earthquake, according to Camping. An earthquake is actually a good choice by Camping because he has a much better chance of seeing a larger earthquake on his predicted Judgment Day, than he would another catastrophe that is able to wipe out cities and towns.

The earthquakes that register 8.0 in magnitude only happen once or twice a year, with the majority of earthquakes registering in the 4.0-4.9 range in magnitude. The planet has seen earthquakes that register between 7.0- 7.9 in magnitude anywhere from 9-21 times a year in the last ten years. This averages at least once a month, so Camping might get lucky with an earthquake that falls into this magnitude category today, somewhere on the planet. What will this look like for people if a large magnitude earthquake does occur on Camping’s Judgment Day?

While most people will realize that with the amount of earthquakes occurring on earth each year, Camping’s prediction would be nothing more than coincidence. It will however give some credence to Camping for the next five months when he predicts that the world will be in turmoil until October 21st, when the world will be no more on that day.

If an earthquake does happen today, Saturday May 21st, Camping will have the podium for another five months with his doomsday prediction. Every storm, earthquake and other natural disasters will somehow be woven into this five months of turmoil that the earth will see until the end of the world. While 6pm, the time that Camping predicted for this disaster to occur, has come and gone in many parts of the world, somewhere on the globe the clock will be striking 6pm for the next 20 hours or so.

Reference: US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center


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Its 11:47pm and its not happping bboooaaaggguuusss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it will be october 21st, that is when comet elenin is closest to earth

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